Summer 2011 part I, the craziness begins

Summer began as usual in more ways than one. The calendar date based on the Earth’s semi-axis being most inclined toward the sun, thus creating the longest day of the year for those of us planted on this end of our world, and it was also my daughter’s very last day of third grade. Ack!

Thus began her first few days of karate camp, a ballet rehearsal and recital which was preceded by mere minutes by her blue senior belt ceremony. I am pretty sure at this point that I may be one of those parents who over schedules her child. Because that’s not all. She then plunged into a week of medieval castle camp, a 4th of July trip, and landed this week in hovercraft and Egyptian dig camps (yes, two separate camps). On the other hand we work, so we have to do something, and I am pretty sure that all of this is better than staring at the walls. She still gets loads of free playtime. I would have loved a summer or two like this one! But it does seem like a lot given that we’re less than four weeks into summer.