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I get quite a few visits to my blog looking for information on laundry bar soaps and homemade laundry detergent/soap. I deal like laundry is one of the great secrets of adulthood — laundry is practically nonstop. I am so not a neat freak. I spend as little time on cleaning as I can reasonably (and maybe not) get away with. But when I do clean I want the products to work well and without putting much of a dent in my wallet. 

I plan to add more entries on laundry soap and cleaning in general, so I’m setting up a page that will contain links to those pages in one handy place. This is that page. 

BAR FIGHT: Zote Laundry Bar Soap versus Fels Naptha
Two bar soaps that are specifically made for laundry. You can use regular bar soap — in other words, bar soap that was made to wash your body and not your clothes. Regular bar soap will tend to be gentler, but also not have quite the same cleaning power of the laundry bar soaps. When I was just starting to experiment with laundry bar soap, I had a hard time finding a list of actual bar soap ingredients on the web. So I added my own list and page of info. (Maybe more than you want to know.)

 Dirty Laundry Come Clean: A Homemade Laundry Detergent Recipe
Probably more of a laundry soap recipe, than detergent. This laundry “detergent” is fairly easy to put together at home. It’s very economical. And most of the time, it’s very easy on the skin — especially when you make it with soap that was made for the skin! 

Stain Remover Bottle Spray
This is a quick, easy, economical way to lift carpet stains or laundry stains. Works well with homemade laundry soap, laundry bar soap, or just spot treating on carpets. No sticky residue! 

What kind of freak uses laundry BAR soap?
Yes, me. I had no idea how it was used at first. Now I know.

Zote Flakes same ingredients as bar but in convenient flake form. 

Orange You Glad? Orange mechanic’s / automotive hand cleaner for stain and spot removal. Works great!

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