Cats with Frickin’ Laster Beams

Cats with frickin’ laster beams attached to their heads! Not actually attached to their heads more like attached to a keychain that I can hold in my hand. It’s amazing that you can get lasers on keychains these days. Well, perhaps, not that amazing. A few years ago that might have been impressive. Now, well … go to the local computer shop and you can get one on a keychain for less than $5.

Sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads! THAT’S impressive, but not ’cause the laser beams are scary. I’m sure the sharks have no idea how to use them anyway. 😉 Sharks with laser beams attached to their heads are impressive because SHARKS are impressive. And I don’t want to mess with anybody who has taken the time to strap a laser beam to a shark’s head.

But laster beams and cats. AWESOME. Our cat, Mojo, chases the dot of light like the crazy, playful cat that he is. Fletcher isn’t much impressed with the dot of light. He knows it isn’t something he can catch and chew. So he watches curiously. Not the dot, though. He watches Mojo. Fletcher knows that Mojo doesn’t know that he can’t catch the dot, and he’ll watch Mojo play just long enough to catch him completely off guard and pounce on him and chew. Laser pointer. Perfect cat toy.



© 2013 Debora Kapke