Smile for Poetry Day 2

Day 2 of WordPress Writing 201: Poetry has long since past, but I’m not done yet. I hope learning never ceases. 

Day 2: Gift, Acrostic, Simile

The prompt is “gift.” The form is acrostic (where you can use the first or last letters of each line to spell stuff or just be alphabetical and such). The device is simile (which my brain usually reads as “smile” until I take a closer look).

Got Smile?

Save me some cake with frosting.

Under here, over there? It’s still a mystery, so …

Riveted by anticipation, we are the headlights that our dear met.

Perfect in size and shape and colors.

Rushing here and there. We’ll make it blossom.

Intent on joy and laughter as our foci.

Seconds to go before you know well.

Everything with love. 


I just want to note that under ordinary circumstances, somehow, I always manage to spell “surprise” wrong. Hopefully this poem (along with handy dandy word assist on new fangled gadgets) will help me get it right more often.

Second note: there are a lot of food words that end in the letter “i.”  Now I want some baked ziti and canolli.


Autumn Pleasures

Day 10 of WordPress Writing 201: Poetry gives us sonnets with a prompt of pleasure and use of apostrophes.

I’m trying hard to get these done, and I finished this on my iPad just as we lost out Internet connection which was very frustrating. I lost most of what I wrote because the WordPress app on my iPad mini reverted to an earlier saved version. So I tried to reconstruct this the best I could. (Also the line breaks are all wonky now because I had to do it on my phone. Not sure how to get the line breaks right on the app on my phone. Maybe I can fix it later.)

Autumn Pleasures

My summer sun is fading.

Fear not, the autumn leaves are bright.

Green ones trading, upgrading, then parading.

Find a candle and a hoodie, winds are cool at night.

Grasshopper, still, in my tomato plant.

Do you seek food? Come, let me throw thee over.

Jump to flee me and enchant.

See you later. There’s more to try than clover.

Air of spices, leaves and cider, apples, homemade pies.

Blue and crisp, blows fabric ghosts and skeleton attire.

Hug me, warm me, carve our squash surprise.

Glows and flickers, marshmallow roasts on sticks afire.

Trees nestle roots deep in the still-warm earth.

Our blankets pay their worth.


Copyright 2015 Debora Kapke

Day 6, Face Laundry Found Poetry

Wow, I am really not good at poetry — writing or understanding it except maybe in picture form. Like, “wow, that sunrise was pure poetry.” See, I get that.

But this Writing 201: Poetry thing is really throwing me for a loop. Here we are on Day 7 Day 8 and I’m still working out days 2 through 6 7.

There are three poetry-y components to think about for every assignment. For day 6 of Writing 201: Poetry it’s “Faces, Found Poetry, Chiasmus.”

I’m a beginner here. I think my speed is set to one. I’m still trying to work out what “Chiasmus” means when, all of a sudden, we’re on the next assignment. Now I gotta figure out five new things and fold the laundry in the same day.

Chiasmus means:

A.) Christmas for Chia pets.

B.) Chalupa, a yummy food (topped with sprouted chia seeds?).

C.) Another word for Chupacabra, a scary animal in Latin America that sucks goats.

D.) An inverted relationship between the syntactic elements of parallel phrases, an inverted crossing.

Haiku is my speed. I know what syllables and lines of text are. Yay! But I think I ignored the “alliteration” part of the Haiku assignment. My brain just skipped right over that. I kind of know what alliteration is. I had that in school back in the day. So maybe a little alliteration got into my haiku but it was purely my subconscious brain making itself heard. I think I alliterate by accident a lot.

So maybe going forward with these assignments I can just skip parts of the assignment when my brain wanders off. That is my current plan. Otherwise I’ll be stuck forever in a poetry world that exists only of haiku. (Which isn’t exactly the worst place to be. I like haiku. But I should venture out more.)

Here’s something for Day 6 which involves “found” poetry. It seems a lot easier to just find poetry stuff than to start from scratch. I find unexpected things all the time— sometimes in the laundry.

So I’m just going to Google “face laundry” (as in I can’t face laundry right now), and then I’ll find a poem and maybe eat a Chalupa for lunch. That counts, right?

Dang, “Skin Laundry,” shows up in the first and second spot of my search. What the heck is skin laundry? Do I want to know? I’m just going to use the first few lines of each search result (more or less). OK, then. Here’s my poem.

Face Laundry

Skin laundry. Nearest laundry. Skin laundry stamp. Find a laundry near you.

Shop. Skin laundry.

I tried skin laundry, the “drybar of skincare.”

Express beauty service: Sure, it’s fast, but are the results long-lasting …

Chinese laundry women’s face off bootie: shoes.

New ‘skin laundry’ clinic wants to dry-clean your face.

Chinese laundry face off.

Face laundry, laundry your face.


(The last line is my chiasmus. I think.)




Screen Haiku

I signed up for WordPress Writing 201: Poetry. Poetry isn’t my usual forte, but I’m looking forward to trying something new. Mostly I’d wanted to do more with Writing 101 and Blogging 201 that I haven’t finished yet. So Writing 201 may be my penitence. No, it’s not that bad — probably not that bad anyway. It may even be lots of fun, so I’m keeping an open mind. I like the first assignment!

Write a haiku on screens — mostly computer screens but other screens like those in windows are okay too. Sun screen? Security screen? Really, I’m fine with computer or digital device screens so here’s my haiku:

Screen Haiku

It glows and it knows.

It may interrupt your sleep.

Ping ping ping, I look.

Bonus haiku!

Not being much of

A poetry type, I like

Haiku since it’s short.

Is there supposed to be punctuation in haiku? I’ll have to look it up. In the meantime, I’m leaving it in.