Beautiful Day, NaBloPoMo Day 5, and NaNoWriMo

Well, the weather may not be the most attention-grabbing topic for a blog post, but few days are this lovely.

The leaves were at the peak of their autumn beauty. There were just enough crunchy ones on the ground to do cartwheels in the light breeze. The majority clung to their branches and when the sun hit them you’d swear they were lit and glowing from the inside. Reds, oranges, browns, and yellow, along with occasional greens lurking among the warm hues for added contrast.

It was warm at the peak of afternoon, but before and after that it was just crisp enough to feel like fall.

While my daughter was in dance class I ran errands and enjoyed the day. Between stops for essentials, I stopped by something called an urban farm that I’ve driven past many times but never stopped to visit. Today I did.

The house of pumpkins at DePaul’s Urban Farm.

It had beautiful fairytale pumpkins, squash, and an assortment of mums that looked like displaced sea creatures. The shop had apples and cider, specialty candles, and jars of yummy jam and apple and pumpkin butters.

There was also a large wood fire cracking in a large metal fire kettle that hung from a tripod. I could smell the burning wood before I stepped out of my car. Is it possible to overdose on autumn? Two adirondack chairs sat at the fire beckoning me to relax.

Mums the word (of beauty) at DePaul’s Urban Farm. The fire is peaking out from behind the white chair.

I could have spent the entire rest of the afternoon there and been quite happy. I’d read, write, and enjoy the fire and the day. My daughter would have been a little upset if I’d failed to pick her up after dance though. And I’d have missed her company. So I filed the name of the DePaul’s Urban Farm in my brain for a future outing and took a few pictures on my way out.

Meanwhile, I think I officially registered for NaNoWriMo. I could be wrong.

It is highly doubtful that I’ll make the word count, but if I set aside a little time most days through the end of the month then I should get something done. That’s better than nothing.

This compleats my NaBloPoMo post for day 5.

NaBloPoMo November 2016


Autumn Pleasures

Day 10 of WordPress Writing 201: Poetry gives us sonnets with a prompt of pleasure and use of apostrophes.

I’m trying hard to get these done, and I finished this on my iPad just as we lost out Internet connection which was very frustrating. I lost most of what I wrote because the WordPress app on my iPad mini reverted to an earlier saved version. So I tried to reconstruct this the best I could. (Also the line breaks are all wonky now because I had to do it on my phone. Not sure how to get the line breaks right on the app on my phone. Maybe I can fix it later.)

Autumn Pleasures

My summer sun is fading.

Fear not, the autumn leaves are bright.

Green ones trading, upgrading, then parading.

Find a candle and a hoodie, winds are cool at night.

Grasshopper, still, in my tomato plant.

Do you seek food? Come, let me throw thee over.

Jump to flee me and enchant.

See you later. There’s more to try than clover.

Air of spices, leaves and cider, apples, homemade pies.

Blue and crisp, blows fabric ghosts and skeleton attire.

Hug me, warm me, carve our squash surprise.

Glows and flickers, marshmallow roasts on sticks afire.

Trees nestle roots deep in the still-warm earth.

Our blankets pay their worth.


Copyright 2015 Debora Kapke

What the Storm Takes

Tuesday’s storm blew over one of my tomato plants. It was a little top heavy. That’s the risk of not being rooted in the earth or tied to the balcony. I’ll have to fix that. Two hard green tomatoes flung off the plant and rolled under the table & chairs on our balcony. Maybe they were ducking for cover.

I’ve been hoping the few tomatoes we have left would ripen and be yummy. Now I might have to look into green tomato recipes like pickled tomatoes or the classic fried green variety. I hope I can still coax some to ripen on vines or the windowsill if nothing else. 

Bonnie Plants just posted on their Facebook page that now is the time to pick green tomatoes still on the vines. “Nooooooo!” Where? Everywhere? Or just up North? I still want to leave some on the vines to grow and ripen, but Mother Nature may have other ideas for them. Maybe I’m a little ahead of the times with my two green tomatoes. 

We’ve had more rain here this week than most of the summer combined with the exception of early on when it seemed to rain every single afternoon. It’s like bookends.

Hurricane Joaquin may hit inland near here in the next few days. Or not. Who can say. The rain seems to be announcing it’s approach as if a red carpet were rolled out. But winds change. The scruffy superstar may not show up inland. It may only rain a lot.

I’m both a little relieved and a little worried that my mom and stepdad have moved out of their old house and into a newer house that’s farther away. The new home isn’t yet storm-tested but the old had a beautiful large oak with branches over and behind the house. It is somehow both protective and precarious.

In the meantime, I’ll need to move our table & chairs to someplace less exposed just in case part of the storm reaches us. Our balcony gets very windy. I’ll also need to move or tie down any remaining plants. The rest remains to be seen.