Beautiful Day, NaBloPoMo Day 5, and NaNoWriMo

Well, the weather may not be the most attention-grabbing topic for a blog post, but few days are this lovely.

The leaves were at the peak of their autumn beauty. There were just enough crunchy ones on the ground to do cartwheels in the light breeze. The majority clung to their branches and when the sun hit them you’d swear they were lit and glowing from the inside. Reds, oranges, browns, and yellow, along with occasional greens lurking among the warm hues for added contrast.

It was warm at the peak of afternoon, but before and after that it was just crisp enough to feel like fall.

While my daughter was in dance class I ran errands and enjoyed the day. Between stops for essentials, I stopped by something called an urban farm that I’ve driven past many times but never stopped to visit. Today I did.

The house of pumpkins at DePaul’s Urban Farm.

It had beautiful fairytale pumpkins, squash, and an assortment of mums that looked like displaced sea creatures. The shop had apples and cider, specialty candles, and jars of yummy jam and apple and pumpkin butters.

There was also a large wood fire cracking in a large metal fire kettle that hung from a tripod. I could smell the burning wood before I stepped out of my car. Is it possible to overdose on autumn? Two adirondack chairs sat at the fire beckoning me to relax.

Mums the word (of beauty) at DePaul’s Urban Farm. The fire is peaking out from behind the white chair.

I could have spent the entire rest of the afternoon there and been quite happy. I’d read, write, and enjoy the fire and the day. My daughter would have been a little upset if I’d failed to pick her up after dance though. And I’d have missed her company. So I filed the name of the DePaul’s Urban Farm in my brain for a future outing and took a few pictures on my way out.

Meanwhile, I think I officially registered for NaNoWriMo. I could be wrong.

It is highly doubtful that I’ll make the word count, but if I set aside a little time most days through the end of the month then I should get something done. That’s better than nothing.

This compleats my NaBloPoMo post for day 5.

NaBloPoMo November 2016


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