Today’s Lunch Special

That should be:

Today’s lunch is, “special.”

I’m having a can of V8 juice and a Cupid hi-test coffee.

Mmm. Mmm. Good.

My iPad “helpfully” autocorrected “cup of” to be “Cupid.” Which is just funny enough that I’m going to leave it the way it is. Please know that my cup of coffee had nothing to do with winged, cherubic gods of love.


Lookie Here

While rummaging through my change purse for vending machine money I found a 1960 quarter! It’s silver (mostly anyway), and it makes a different sounding ping when it hits my desk. Cool! I’m guessing this one came out of the change machine at the laundromat I was at last weekend (needed to wash sleeping bags). It’s in pretty good condition too.

Day 3.75

Busy week, day 3.75. I’ve consumed, perhaps, more caffeine in these past few days that I had in the 3.75 months prior. I will pay for this. Bodily rebellion is imminent. For now I’m depending on bribery. Bribing my taste buds anyway. This means I had tostadas for dinner three days in a row now. The family had mostly real food, but I went for melty cheese. And V8 juice, ’cause yeah.

Enough to Power

I think I had enough caffeine yesterday to power a small cow. I don’t normally do that because, in coffee, caffeine can do things to my body that I generally like to avoid. But sometimes I bend the rules. I was busy and tired and had to get stuff done! There was coffee, soda pop and tea! My body may rebel today. I’m treating it to a morning of half-herbal tea and V8 juice (not in the same cup). Hopefully, that will help.

In Other Game News

We went to a “House Party” last weekend and played a new game called Telestrations. It was like a cross between Pictionary and Operator/Telephone.  We laughed a lot. I was reminded that I really like to draw. And doing so in 60 seconds or less is challenging as well as being uniquely manageable for folks with a busy schedule.

We also acquired Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot from ebay. We’d played this game with friends a while back only to find out that PlayRoom doesn’t make it any more. So to ebay we went. We got it for a pretty good price as we purchased one with a tear in the corner of the box. We’re not looking for a collectible item — we just want to play! So that worked well. Might have to pick up some booster packs.

And we got the Food Fight app after playing the actual physical game several weeks ago. I still need to try it out, but my daughter likes it so far!

Just Gel

I recently kicked a little b*tt on the Carcassonne app when I beat a guy who was in the top 25ish of all Carc Quick Play games everywhere on the planet. He was not happy. He saw what was coming. So as I tried to play my last piece, he tried to clog my bandwidth by typing as many non-sensical characters as he could using Cacasonne’s messaging system. My game got sluggish. If I forfeited by not playing my last piece in time, he’d win by default. In the end, it didn’t work. As I placed my last piece and won, he messaged, “Go to gell [sic] and burn bitch.” To which I replied, “You typed, ‘Go to gell.'” Sigh. Sore loser.

But bwaaaaaaahaaaaaaa haaaaa haaaa.

Now should I blur out his username or just post as-is? (I might change later.)