It Takes Batteries

What do you mean it takes batteries? I’m all for high-tech and all, but it’s a mop. A mop that takes batteries. My new mop takes batteries. I know I’m repeating myself, but I’m in such a state if disbelief that I can’t get it through my head any other way.

When the box read, “Power Mop,” I totally thought it meant “Power-ful Mop” as in a highly effective mop. Lots of cleaning POWER. Not as in “Power-ed by batteries.” And definitely not as in “battery-powered squirt power” because that’s what the batteries do. They make the mop squirt. It squirts cleaning fluid at the push of a button. You’d think if somebody out there was going to bother to make a battery-powered mop they’d make the batteries enhance the cleaning power. Ya know, like, maybe the mop scrubs or vibrates so it cleans the dirt off the floor better, but no. At the push of a button, my new “Power Mop” uses battery power to squirt out cleaning fluid.

I had an old mop made by another company, Clorox, (there I said it). The Clorox mop squirted out cleaning fluid with the pull of a little trigger-like button on the handle. No batteries required. I’m almost out of the Clorox cleaning pads that go with the Clorox mop and the mop itself is a little warped in the head. What I mean is that the cleaning head is warped so that only half of the cleaning surface hits the floor to clean. So I figured I was due for a new mop. I’d heard the other mop, OK SWIFFER. The Swiffer mop. (There I said it.) The Swiffer mop cleaning pads are supposed to be better and I can more easily find Swiffer cleaning pads and Swiffer cleaning fluid refills, so I figured that was the way to go. BUT BATTERIES? REALLY! A battery powered mop? And the batteries give the mop the power to squirt cleaning fluid? So. Is this the most “non-green” mop on the planet? Because not only does the mop need batteries in order to power the squirt action of the cleaning fluid, the instructions tell me I should use “non-rechargeable batteries.” So not only do I throw away cleaning pads and need to power the mop with batteries. I’m not even supposed to use rechargeable batteries. Seriously. I’m tempted to return it right now. But…


Thinking ’bout Zombies

Have you ever stopped to think about Zombies? Kate Baker did and so did a bunch of other people. Read about it here: WunderLINK Activate

I posted this @48:

Well, I’d want to take a small group of skilled survivors and make supply stops a Cracker Barrel ’cause it’s yummy and there’s some good wall stuff and creature comfort items (I know I’m gonna want some hand cream and air freshener), but I’d also stop at a hardware store, a super Wal-mart, and perhaps a gun shop to pick up some “essentials.”

Then we head for a prison (perhaps maximum security prison) where we release the prisoners (maybe we don’t tell them about the zombies) and once they’re out, rush in and shut the doors. All of them.

I’d go for a prison with guard towers so we can keep lookout for the zombies and maybe a garden so we can get some much needed sunshine and grow food if we had to be there for a while. Hopefully we remembered to pick up seeds from the Wal-mart or hardware store. The gardening tools should also be fairly effective if the zombies breech our otherwise top-notch barriers. Yep.

And after reading all the posts, I gotta say that some people spend waaay too much time thinking about Zombies. I guess it’s a survival thing in all of us and … perhaps … a few too many video games. Maybe the real “secret” about Zombies is that they eat your brains via thought. You know when you can’t stop thinking about something and it feels like it’s eating your brains — Zombies did that. Like an ear worm, only, Zombie thoughts. Maybe I’m over thinking this. Wait! That’s how it starts isn’t it?! Zombie thoughts again. Noooooooo. They’re in my mind! (Really though, might have to write a story. Ack! There it is again.)

Blog of Indecision

I was going to post another blog entry on tea–this time on Green ’cause I wanted to mix it up a bit. Ya know, be a little wild like that. Then I switched to another Oolong. (Steady is a good thing. Right?) And now I haven’t finished either blog entry ’cause I keep thinking I should have another cup of tea before I finish so I can be more thorough in my review. But I keep switching varieties! Then I had some Thai Tea ’cause it’s summer and Thai Tea is really yummy on a hot day. Finally, I decided I should blog on my indecision since, well, really this is not the first time I’ve been indecisive. So here it is. Why is it so hard to just make up my mind?

Taco Ratios

As I write this, I’m at a Taco Bell to lunch with my daughter between shuttling her from one summer camp to the next. We like tacos and burritos.

Of note, the men at this crowded Taco Bell out number the females 33 to 8 (my daughter and I are included in the eight) — that’s a >4 to 1 ratio. Her Blowfish Robocraft Camp has a better male to female ratio. Do women generally dislike Taco Bell that much? Or do men just like it that much? As we finish our eats, some patrons leave and new arrivals wait in line, but the ratio remains the same.


Blowfish Robocraft Camp and Other Notes from the Summer

Today begins my daughter’s week of Blowfish Robocraft camp. I know, I know. Blowfish Robo-what? Trust me, I did not make this up.

FREE Plants! (No, not really)

Beautiful bursts of color had been laid out on the front strip of lawn at the high school across the street from my office. For weeks I’d been thinking I should pop over there and pick up a hanging basket of flowers to add a little beauty to our deck.

As I was driving home on this day, I saw that the whole stretch of lawn was positively crawling with people holding plants. You’d think they were giving them away for free there were so many people carrying plants. Then I saw the sign, “FREE PLANTS.” But as most things in life are not free, the plants were no exception in more ways than one.

Upon inquiry, the kind folks working the plant stand said they were asking for a donation and that then you could have “free” plants. (I must have missed the fine print.) To be fair, the plant sale started as a fundraiser for the high school, the “free plants” offer was just their way of clearing out the plants which had not yet sold when it was time to close the plant stand. So I handed over my donation and selected a few plants as I overheard at least one or two other “customers” say, “so, the plants aren’t free then?”

It was only after I’d loaded up my car that I realized the plants would cost more than my donation. For starters, these plants had been at the stand for a while, so they would need some pruning, pinching back and general cleanup. What I didn’t realize is just what the plants would do to my car. When I removed a few hanging baskets, herbs and strawberry plants from my car, it looked like a greenhouse had exploded inside it. There were bits of plant matter everywhere! My trunk was littered with brown leaves, broken green leaves, stems and flower petals–the passenger side was no different. This is going to need a vacuum.

I set the plants on the floor of the garage before bringing them upstairs. I knew they would need some serious maintenance before dragging them through the living room or my home would end up looking like the inside of my car. The family needed dinner before I could get to this and I dreaded the work ahead.

It was a sultry evening, and as I trimmed plants I broke into a serious sweat before long.

I swear those plants sprouted new brown leaves after I removed the old brown leaves and I’m amazed there was actually any green plant left after all that was trimmed. But several of the plants looked really nice and I was pretty sure a little water would perk up the rest. The plants were basically healthy and I was pleased to note there were no aphids or whiteflies. I brought the plants upstairs and wouldn’t you know, the plants managed to shed even more bits along the way, so yep time to vacuum the living room now too.

It was when I gathered the last couple of plants to bring them upstairs that I noticed something other than plant parts had managed to escape into my car. The rear window revealed a giant moth furiously beating its wings trying to fly through the glass. It was actually quite pretty–yellow wings emblazoned with eye-like gray spots.

So I had to rescue the moth. It was not easy. Every time I thought I had it, the pesky thing dodged my hands just in time to leave a powdery mess behind in my car and on my hands–it was like mothy pixie dust. But I finally closed in and gently captured the moth and its big fuzzy body and let it outside of the car. I then escorted a spider and another crawly insect out of the car. Not sure if every critter had been relocated, at that point I was too tired to care. Ah sleep.

The plants looked lovely on our deck and I started to think that the plant struggle wasn’t all that bad. Even if the donation had been an outright plant purchase, the price was good and if the plants came home when they were in better shape, I’d still have had to give them some care eventually.

It was on my way in to work that I discovered I hadn’t relocated all of the “free” insects that came with the “free” plants. A giant green one dropped down from my visor. It waited until I was at a stoplight to fling its green body at my head. So at least it was a considerate thing. No harm was done as it was quickly shooed out the window and I think that was the last of them.

The next morning, I was eating yogurt when I saw large shadowy shapes pass back and forth behind the balcony blinds. I heard shuffling too. This was definitely too big for insects. Another type of critter had discovered the new plants. SQUIRRELS! Evil Cute little squirrels had decided that the strawberry plants were a feast which I’d put out just for them. The squirrels were devouring the plants–not the berries mind you. There weren’t any berries. The squirrels were eating the woody part of the plants as if it were a nut. ACK!

I searched the mess, there wasn’t anything left to try to put back into the soil. Bits of leaf, stem, soil, plant roots and torn open plastic pot remains covered the balcony. Another greenhouse slaughter. Sigh. I finally discovered one last strawberry plant the furry invaders had missed and relocated it to the living room before the little raiders could return to the scene of the crime to finish the job. I guess I shouldn’t be too upset. The flowers in the hanging pots were untouched and still lovely. And the strawberry plants were free, right?

The Blogger Effect

So, I no sooner transfer a few old posts from Blogger to WordPress, and more than a whole week goes by before I post anything new on WordPress (more or less). Did the lack of motivation & enthusiasm that I had on Blogger just get transfered to WordPress too? Like some kind of virus? Ack. Maybe it was just a busy week. And true, it was. But not busy with loads of interesting topics I’d want to share on a blog. There’s stuff I definitely don’t want to share with the whole wide world on a blog, so that’s something (or not as the case may be). And, no, I’m not telling what I don’t want to share…for now.

On the upside of the week, I updated my stepdad’s website. That is something I am happy to share, so wonderlink activate! Form of… a URL.

Visit it and be amazed. (Please.)

And with that, I’m going to try making a Poll via WordPress and its association with PollDaddy.

Here goes: