Thinking ’bout Zombies

Have you ever stopped to think about Zombies? Kate Baker did and so did a bunch of other people. Read about it here: WunderLINK Activate

I posted this @48:

Well, I’d want to take a small group of skilled survivors and make supply stops a Cracker Barrel ’cause it’s yummy and there’s some good wall stuff and creature comfort items (I know I’m gonna want some hand cream and air freshener), but I’d also stop at a hardware store, a super Wal-mart, and perhaps a gun shop to pick up some “essentials.”

Then we head for a prison (perhaps maximum security prison) where we release the prisoners (maybe we don’t tell them about the zombies) and once they’re out, rush in and shut the doors. All of them.

I’d go for a prison with guard towers so we can keep lookout for the zombies and maybe a garden so we can get some much needed sunshine and grow food if we had to be there for a while. Hopefully we remembered to pick up seeds from the Wal-mart or hardware store. The gardening tools should also be fairly effective if the zombies breech our otherwise top-notch barriers. Yep.

And after reading all the posts, I gotta say that some people spend waaay too much time thinking about Zombies. I guess it’s a survival thing in all of us and … perhaps … a few too many video games. Maybe the real “secret” about Zombies is that they eat your brains via thought. You know when you can’t stop thinking about something and it feels like it’s eating your brains — Zombies did that. Like an ear worm, only, Zombie thoughts. Maybe I’m over thinking this. Wait! That’s how it starts isn’t it?! Zombie thoughts again. Noooooooo. They’re in my mind! (Really though, might have to write a story. Ack! There it is again.)


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