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I want a separate page where I can link to recipes, cooking tips, and busy-mom hacks for feeding us yummy, healthy food. This is that page.

On aLightningbug:

Stuffed Gypsy Peppers with caramelized onions using veg from our own balcony garden.

Slow-cooker Musc Mex Meat Goop. I’ll post a revised version at some point. But this recipe has worked well for quite a few meals, and It’s easy enough that I can throw the ingredients in a crock pot before work. Food is cooked when I get home. My blog page containing the recipe probably makes it sound like more work than it really is…

On aLightningbug with Links to Other Sites:

Two-ingredient Pizza Crust Dough turned out pretty well when we made it at home. Of note, we’ve also used pre-purchased high-fiber flour tortillas as quick crusts for homemade pizza. They turned out quite good if you like a thin crust. The Two-ingredient Pizza Crust is a good option for when you want it to look like artisan pizza but without too much fuss. 

On Other Sites:

Cherry Vanilla Browned Butter Crisp Browning sure does make food taste good. We tried this at home, and it was yummy! I used sweet cherries which were very good, but I can’t help but wonder how sour cherries would taste in this recipe. Pitting and slicing goes against my request for quick and easy recipes but I’m willing to work for extra yum factor on a weekend. I could eat the “crisp” part for days on end (until it’s no longer crisp and only lives in my memory and tummy).

I’ll keep updating with more yummy stuff. Visit again. 

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