Acai Matetini from Teavana

Crisp, tart, sweet taste. Hot or iced, I really like this one. Even though the ingredient list is a mile long, the flavor isn’t at all muddy. Clean and refreshing, it reminds me of a hibiscus and rosehip herbal tisane I got from the local German Deli years ago. But this one is even nicer as it’s well balanced with a veritable fruit salad of berries, citrus, apples, and pineapple along with a hint of minty cool finish. Think minty-garnish-on-a-fruit-salad not full-on minty flavor like a Mojito. While Acai Matetini is a listed as a mate, I don’t really taste any mate and I’m hard pressed to find even pieces of mate in with the beautiful, large chunks of fruit. They ARE there, though. I *think* I felt a little pick-me-up from the mate, but it could have just been the tart flavor inspiring my taste buds to provide that little burst of energy. I actually found a second steeping was not bad. It is different — not as tart and bright, but still pleasantly fruity. I blended it with a couple of oolongs so far and it held up nicely. Yummy!