Where did it go?

My long weekend! My month of May! Where did they go? I have less than a day of May left, and the weekend is completely gone. But at least it was a nice weekend, and I can’t say that May was bad either. It’s just that I would like more of both.

Yesterday’s Memorial Day Parade and Festival was a burst of enjoyment even in the heat. A few of the fire trucks sprayed their hoses for the hot hot hot parade participants and we just happened to be walking by at the right time for a refreshing mist. We caught a bit of parade, slid slides, got a really cute handmade braided bumblebee rug and a few wee bits of pottery. Yummy grilled dinner at my mom’s…

My laundry status is at the ever-so-nice place where closets and drawers are chock full ‘o the clean stuff. And the hampers have mostly empty bellies just waiting for us to feed them all week long. I even managed to swap out some summer clothing and put away winter clothing. Yay.

My daughter had a ball drawing all kinds of things with sidewalk chalk–bees, giant ants, snakes, rivers, pants, cars and even bottomless pits. But at one point she got a little too enthusiastic and geeky. I love her pastel rendition of “stick people family.” But, later, she moved her work vertically, writing, “The cake is a lie,” on the outside wall of our home! D’oh! She even included tally marks which makes her quite thorough and it was fun and funny of her, but still D’OH. Luckily it was wash off chalk, so away it went. The stick family stayed though.



Last night we saw our first firefly of the season. It glimmered in the little strip of green between the McDonalds and the Mr. Wash (car wash). Glad to see a wee bit of nature in an unexpected place!


Last Thursday my daughter missed the buss which takes her from school to the after-school program and I had to leave work and pick her up. But the cool thing was that as I picked her up from school, she noticed there was a mass of honeysuckle blossoms near my parked car. So she said, “wait, can we pick some honeysuckle?” I agreed and she proceeded to share with me the way she and her friends had been tasting the honeysuckle nectar on the playground. So I shared with her the way I used to sip the honeysuckle nectar and together we stood there tasting a handful of honeysuckle blossoms. It was deliciously sweet and I don’t just mean the nectar. Funny how something which at first seemed less than convenient, turned into such a delightful moment. Last night as I was driving back from seeing a friend in Old Town, I could swear I smelled honeysuckle along the drive home.

Well, here we are again

I finally finished Portal. Portal 2 that is. Found a few bugs along the way. But I managed to finish it just a few short minutes after my awesome daughter finished. Daddy helped her a bit, but really, she did an amazing job on her own! Speedy thing! Well, speedy at games. She takes longer on other things. Like the bathroom. She takes a reeeally long time in the bathroom. So I kind of win on that! Woo.

But I’m happy to have finished Portal2 because I like playing Portal and the fact that I finished means I was able to be playing and so was my daughter. On the flip side, however, now that I finished playing it, I no longer have finishing it to look forward to. Kind of a catch 22. But I still have some achievements to earn, so there’s that AND Portal 2 has co-op and I only finished single player, so there’s lots more to look forward to!

I’ll feel much less guilty about playing, however, when I get more laundry done as well as general clean up and organizing. I did manage to get some laundry done, go through some papers, file them in the garbage can, and affix about 15 patches to my daughter’s Brownie vest today. So at least I did something besides playing Portal 2. But here it is Sunday night. Tomorrow is Monday. (Always happens in that order, doesn’t it?) And, once again, I didn’t get as much done this weekend as I’d planned. Here we are again. I wish the dirty laundry would be GONE.

And ’cause it is STILL awesome:


It will be here soon. I can’t believe we’re only a few weeks away from the end of the school year. Seriously, time flies! So much to do. And I still haven’t finished Portal 2. By the time I have a few minutes to play, I’m just about nodding off to sleep because, well, it is time to sleep. In other news, my daughter just finished days 1 and 2 of the SOLs and our troop had its last “official” Brownie meeting of the year last night. Binks will test for her blue senior belt in Karate this weekend. Our small ghost shrimp may have munched on our even smaller guppy fry. (Oops!) My daughter’s Ballet recital is right around the corner, and I have yet to see her costume. Is there still time to get one last Scholastic book order in? We’ll go on a GS camping trip to Hershey Park in a few weeks. Then we pretty much belly flop right into summer. Ack. About now, it would be really good to have a better grasp on manipulating space-time. Maybe I should just get a better grasp on managing time? I think I’ll take either one for now.

Orange Blossom, organic green tea by Rishi

A refreshing, fruity green tea. The orange, lime and tangerine oils are quite evident in fragrance, but the ingredient I most taste is lemongrass. That’s not a bad thing. The lemongrass is well complimented with citrus aromas, flavors, lemon myrtle and the green tea itself. The tiny golden osthmanthus flowers are visually lovely and complement the taste with a hint of light floral apricot. Yummy hot or iced. I’m looking forward to more of this one as the days get warmer!

Orange Blossom, organic green, fair trade tea by Rishi

Jade Oolong by Rishi Tea

One of my favorites! This tea is very similar to Teavana’s discontinued Iron Buddha Oolong. Rishi’s Jade Oolong is a greener oolong which lacks the roasted nuances of Iron Goddess of Mercy or Tae Guan Yin, but instead shines with a clean, refreshingly mossy floral depth. I most enjoy it steeped longer than the directions suggest which increases the astringency. Large deep green leaves edged with golden red and brown unfurl beautifully to fill the cup or strainer. Mixes wonderfully with light fruit tisanes and white teas and can be steeped multiple times.

Speedy Thing

I’m tired. It’s all my fault. My daughter is ahead of my in Portal 2 and I stayed up late trying to get caught up. She’s only ahead of me ’cause she’s had more time to play. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. Really, I don’t know if I should be spectacularly proud or kind of embarrassed. I’m probably going to go with proud. I AM totally proud of her and not just ’cause she’s doing such a great job with potato batteries.

May the Fourth Be With You …