Well, here we are again

I finally finished Portal. Portal 2 that is. Found a few bugs along the way. But I managed to finish it just a few short minutes after my awesome daughter finished. Daddy helped her a bit, but really, she did an amazing job on her own! Speedy thing! Well, speedy at games. She takes longer on other things. Like the bathroom. She takes a reeeally long time in the bathroom. So I kind of win on that! Woo.

But I’m happy to have finished Portal2 because I like playing Portal and the fact that I finished means I was able to be playing and so was my daughter. On the flip side, however, now that I finished playing it, I no longer have finishing it to look forward to. Kind of a catch 22. But I still have some achievements to earn, so there’s that AND Portal 2 has co-op and I only finished single player, so there’s lots more to look forward to!

I’ll feel much less guilty about playing, however, when I get more laundry done as well as general clean up and organizing. I did manage to get some laundry done, go through some papers, file them in the garbage can, and affix about 15 patches to my daughter’s Brownie vest today. So at least I did something besides playing Portal 2. But here it is Sunday night. Tomorrow is Monday. (Always happens in that order, doesn’t it?) And, once again, I didn’t get as much done this weekend as I’d planned. Here we are again. I wish the dirty laundry would be GONE.

And ’cause it is STILL awesome:


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