Last Thursday my daughter missed the buss which takes her from school to the after-school program and I had to leave work and pick her up. But the cool thing was that as I picked her up from school, she noticed there was a mass of honeysuckle blossoms near my parked car. So she said, “wait, can we pick some honeysuckle?” I agreed and she proceeded to share with me the way she and her friends had been tasting the honeysuckle nectar on the playground. So I shared with her the way I used to sip the honeysuckle nectar and together we stood there tasting a handful of honeysuckle blossoms. It was deliciously sweet and I don’t just mean the nectar. Funny how something which at first seemed less than convenient, turned into such a delightful moment. Last night as I was driving back from seeing a friend in Old Town, I could swear I smelled honeysuckle along the drive home.


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