Overheard today: brows and twins, Adams and that guys…

Overheard today at home:

“Celine Dion gave birth to twins at age 42. There’s hope for me yet!”
“Better start singing.”

“You still love me even though I have a 4-inch eyebrow hair, right?” “Right?!”

“What she needs is more…”
“Adam Sessler?”

“Is he somebody famous?”
“Well, he looks like that guy in that movie.”
“Shia LaBeouf.”
“Yeah. … Good job.”


Scant few days this lovely…

That is all.

Just when I start to feel human again…

I feel totally human. Human. As in, totally flawed. This particular feeling is based on the Epic Mom Fail I committed on Sunday by not managing to find the Birthday party to which my daughter was invited. To make matters worse it was the first Birthday party she’s been invited to at her new school and the party was a rocket party where all the kids were given a small model rocket kit ahead of time. They were all to bring their completed and decorated rockets to the party where they’d be fitted with engines and launched. So completed, decorated rocket in hand, we wandered the large park looking for the party and never did find it. I even asked at the information desk of the rec center and we still didn’t manage to find it. We walked the park for an hour and still saw no birthday parties. Sigh. I finally relented defeat and we went to a nearby restaurant where we enjoyed a fairly yummy brunch.