Starting to Feel Human Again

My daughter and I not only survived our first Brownie/Girl Scout Encampment we both really enjoyed it and I suspect we’ll both want to go again. More soon as I feel like I need to catch up on a lot of stuff after both a busy week and camping on the weekend.

For the love of god …

My daughter is walking through the house singing a Justin Bieber song. I’m having a hard time even writing this. I know we’ll both survive … somehow. But I think I may need to introduce her to some other tunes.

Karate v. Ballet v. Dragons

My daughter informed me yesterday that she hasn’t enjoyed her ballet lessons much so far and prefers Karate lessons. Why? She dances around the house pretty often, so I would have thought ballet was a no brainer. Apparently my daughter likes the idea of being able to fight and thinks Karate lessons will have a more practical application when it comes to battling dragons. I can’t say that I disagree.

I loved ballet as a teenager; I’m not sure how much I would have liked it if I had taken lessons when I was my daughter’s age. I observed both classes though and I have to agree, the Karate lesson was much more fun. The first ballet class involved lots of counting to eight and pressing one’s heals together, which was not exactly epic fun. Maybe they start ballet lessons like this to weed out the kids who are not laser focused on ballet? I thought a little more dancing might have improved the fun level of the class.

Karate 1
Ballet 0

As for battling dragons, the topic has been on my daughter’s mind lately. At the Ren Fest she wished me to get her a wooden sword–not one of those funny hats or dresses or anything like that. Swords are so much better for battling dragons! She got the wooden sword for her birthday. I’m fearing for the cats and wondering what I was thinking when I purchased a large hitting stick for my daughter.


You’re like a teddy bear filled with …

Overheard earlier today from my daughter:

“Mom, you’re like a teddy bear filled with love and I’m like a teddy bear filled with beans. Daddy is like a teddy bear filled with … filled with … video games.”

My daughter is, indeed, full of beans. Very silly beans.

Later at lunch Dave said, “my fingers are covered with chicken grease and now the remote control is covered in chicken grease … which makes the remote control extremely … delicious.”

Perhaps we are all full of beans.

Way too much to do!

First Second week of school, birthday party thank you notes, paperwork, a broken tail light, a broken faucet, a homeowners’ meeting and a zillion other things I’m trying to take care of and keep track of and and all I want is a real dinner because I feel like I’ve been living off leftover birthday cake, veggie platter and cheese for days. Ack!

Birthday party choas

Stressing over birthday party preparations even though I’ve reserved a place that does most of the “work” for you. I still need to pickup the cake some fruit and fill our pinata. So I need to do birthday party prep along with all the other stuff we need to get done this weekend. One of these tasks is replacing the kitchen faucet as it has sprung a leak–not the convenient kind of leak that runs into the sink, but a leak which allows water to travel along the back onto the counter and also drip down the water lines and into the cabinet below, so it’s not a good leak. At least it’s better than the faucet that this one replaced. That one squirted water all over the place at a 90 degree angle to the place water was supposed to pour from. Not fun. Cake and parties are fun, though, so I’m looking forward to tomorrow and also hoping everybody has lots of fun!

Weekend Begins

Today is the first day of the long weekend before school starts for my daughter. It is also the weekend before her birthday, her birthday party and before her first Brownie meeting of the year. I’ll repeat the age-old parental lament of, “I don’t know where the time goes,” ’cause while part of me knows darn well where it goes, the rest of me is shaking my head in disbelief.

I’m also enjoying that bright happy feeling that is plentiful at the start of a long weekend, but my to-do list is filling quickly. I have high hopes of getting a lot done today, tomorrow and Monday. At the top of my list sits plans to get more organized at home. This is going to help with everything else that happens this week and possibly into the school year, so it’s a biggie. Also high on the list is having some fun. Because this is the last weekend for water parks and we so need another infusion of water park fun.

Soon it will be Tuesday, the weekend will be done and part of how I feel will be determined by those things I get done now… I will also be feeling overwhelmed at sending my daughter off to school because it won’t only be her first day of third grade, but will also be her first day at a new school and I have a zillion conflicting feelings about that. She will have more homework not just because it’s third grade, but also because the new school gives more homework. It should be more of a challenge for her, but I also don’t want it to be too much of a challenge. I want her to be a kid and have fun! I also have another strange feeling about the new school that I can’t put my finger on. I don’t know if I’m just getting old and less amicable to change or if there is something which genuinely bothers me about the new school. I guess I’ll find out.

Weekend begin! Time to get something done besides blog.