Karate v. Ballet v. Dragons

My daughter informed me yesterday that she hasn’t enjoyed her ballet lessons much so far and prefers Karate lessons. Why? She dances around the house pretty often, so I would have thought ballet was a no brainer. Apparently my daughter likes the idea of being able to fight and thinks Karate lessons will have a more practical application when it comes to battling dragons. I can’t say that I disagree.

I loved ballet as a teenager; I’m not sure how much I would have liked it if I had taken lessons when I was my daughter’s age. I observed both classes though and I have to agree, the Karate lesson was much more fun. The first ballet class involved lots of counting to eight and pressing one’s heals together, which was not exactly epic fun. Maybe they start ballet lessons like this to weed out the kids who are not laser focused on ballet? I thought a little more dancing might have improved the fun level of the class.

Karate 1
Ballet 0

As for battling dragons, the topic has been on my daughter’s mind lately. At the Ren Fest she wished me to get her a wooden sword–not one of those funny hats or dresses or anything like that. Swords are so much better for battling dragons! She got the wooden sword for her birthday. I’m fearing for the cats and wondering what I was thinking when I purchased a large hitting stick for my daughter.


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