Well oh yeah, I have a blog

So I better get blogging.

Stuff going on: the place we live, a condo in a very nice location, is undergoing major repairs. So life is pretty weird right now. We’ve lost a good bit of living space as parts of our unit are partitioned off to allow work to progress while we remain living at home. In short, it sucks. But the repairs are totally necessary, and I’m glad that that part is proceeding. At least I think it’s proceeding. We can’t see outside right now except in one room. Instead we have plastic-lined walls made of 2 by 4s and pink household insulation. It’s a special kind of joy. Wait. Not “joy.”

In other news my allergies have been bad this year. My sinuses are bad and my skin is itchy. In search of ways to help both. More on that soon.