Where did it go?

My long weekend! My month of May! Where did they go? I have less than a day of May left, and the weekend is completely gone. But at least it was a nice weekend, and I can’t say that May was bad either. It’s just that I would like more of both.

Yesterday’s Memorial Day Parade and Festival was a burst of enjoyment even in the heat. A few of the fire trucks sprayed their hoses for the hot hot hot parade participants and we just happened to be walking by at the right time for a refreshing mist. We caught a bit of parade, slid slides, got a really cute handmade braided bumblebee rug and a few wee bits of pottery. Yummy grilled dinner at my mom’s…

My laundry status is at the ever-so-nice place where closets and drawers are chock full ‘o the clean stuff. And the hampers have mostly empty bellies just waiting for us to feed them all week long. I even managed to swap out some summer clothing and put away winter clothing. Yay.

My daughter had a ball drawing all kinds of things with sidewalk chalk–bees, giant ants, snakes, rivers, pants, cars and even bottomless pits. But at one point she got a little too enthusiastic and geeky. I love her pastel rendition of “stick people family.” But, later, she moved her work vertically, writing, “The cake is a lie,” on the outside wall of our home! D’oh! She even included tally marks which makes her quite thorough and it was fun and funny of her, but still D’OH. Luckily it was wash off chalk, so away it went. The stick family stayed though.


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