It Takes Batteries

What do you mean it takes batteries? I’m all for high-tech and all, but it’s a mop. A mop that takes batteries. My new mop takes batteries. I know I’m repeating myself, but I’m in such a state if disbelief that I can’t get it through my head any other way.

When the box read, “Power Mop,” I totally thought it meant “Power-ful Mop” as in a highly effective mop. Lots of cleaning POWER. Not as in “Power-ed by batteries.” And definitely not as in “battery-powered squirt power” because that’s what the batteries do. They make the mop squirt. It squirts cleaning fluid at the push of a button. You’d think if somebody out there was going to bother to make a battery-powered mop they’d make the batteries enhance the cleaning power. Ya know, like, maybe the mop scrubs or vibrates so it cleans the dirt off the floor better, but no. At the push of a button, my new “Power Mop” uses battery power to squirt out cleaning fluid.

I had an old mop made by another company, Clorox, (there I said it). The Clorox mop squirted out cleaning fluid with the pull of a little trigger-like button on the handle. No batteries required. I’m almost out of the Clorox cleaning pads that go with the Clorox mop and the mop itself is a little warped in the head. What I mean is that the cleaning head is warped so that only half of the cleaning surface hits the floor to clean. So I figured I was due for a new mop. I’d heard the other mop, OK SWIFFER. The Swiffer mop. (There I said it.) The Swiffer mop cleaning pads are supposed to be better and I can more easily find Swiffer cleaning pads and Swiffer cleaning fluid refills, so I figured that was the way to go. BUT BATTERIES? REALLY! A battery powered mop? And the batteries give the mop the power to squirt cleaning fluid? So. Is this the most “non-green” mop on the planet? Because not only does the mop need batteries in order to power the squirt action of the cleaning fluid, the instructions tell me I should use “non-rechargeable batteries.” So not only do I throw away cleaning pads and need to power the mop with batteries. I’m not even supposed to use rechargeable batteries. Seriously. I’m tempted to return it right now. But…


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