The Blogger Effect

So, I no sooner transfer a few old posts from Blogger to WordPress, and more than a whole week goes by before I post anything new on WordPress (more or less). Did the lack of motivation & enthusiasm that I had on Blogger just get transfered to WordPress too? Like some kind of virus? Ack. Maybe it was just a busy week. And true, it was. But not busy with loads of interesting topics I’d want to share on a blog. There’s stuff I definitely don’t want to share with the whole wide world on a blog, so that’s something (or not as the case may be). And, no, I’m not telling what I don’t want to share…for now.

On the upside of the week, I updated my stepdad’s website. That is something I am happy to share, so wonderlink activate! Form of… a URL.

Visit it and be amazed. (Please.)

And with that, I’m going to try making a Poll via WordPress and its association with PollDaddy.

Here goes:


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