Just Gel

I recently kicked a little b*tt on the Carcassonne app when I beat a guy who was in the top 25ish of all Carc Quick Play games everywhere on the planet. He was not happy. He saw what was coming. So as I tried to play my last piece, he tried to clog my bandwidth by typing as many non-sensical characters as he could using Cacasonne’s messaging system. My game got sluggish. If I forfeited by not playing my last piece in time, he’d win by default. In the end, it didn’t work. As I placed my last piece and won, he messaged, “Go to gell [sic] and burn bitch.” To which I replied, “You typed, ‘Go to gell.'” Sigh. Sore loser.

But bwaaaaaaahaaaaaaa haaaaa haaaa.

Now should I blur out his username or just post as-is? (I might change later.)



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