NaBloPoMo Day 4, Wax update and Patti LaBelle Pie

Well, I’m may not be posting my Day 4 post before midnight on the East Coast, but I posted an update about Glade wax melts to another post well before midnight on Day 4. I think that will just have to count. See my updates to the Glade Winter Scents by clicking here. Maybe I should have made the wax melts update a separate post. And technically, I’m posting this post before midnight Chicago time so …  maybe this counts for Day 4 too. (Gah, long week. Want sleep. Started to doze and bolted awake at 12:00 because I knew I needed to post.)

My topic for the rest of the Day 4 post is just a simple post on pie. In this case it’s the Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie. Maybe you’ve heard if it.

I work very close to a Walmart. Last year I saw the Patti Labelle Sweet Potato Pie in the store but didn’t buy any. Then I read about the internet sensation of YouTube personality  James Wright Chanel reviewing, eating, singing, and praising the Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie. See that on YouTube by clicking here. By the time I thought, “Hey, maybe I should try it,” there was no more Pie to be had anywhere. Pies flew off the shelves after that YouTube video.

So this year the pies are back! I love pie and had to taste one. Is it worth the hype?

Yes and no.

The pie filling is quite good for a grocery store pie that costs under $4. It is a beautiful vibrant orange. It’s a brighter orange than pumpkin pies, but might otherwise be mistaken for one.  The pumpkin pies nearby looked almost sickly and anemic in comparison. The Patti LaBelle Pie is even prettier than a lot of other sweet potato pies I’ve seen in stores.

The flavor is also similar to pumpkin pie. The packaging on the Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie says it is made with “sweet potatoes, butter, and spices.” Many of those spices are the same as pumpkin pie, but the ratio is a little different. So this has its own flavor too. This pie is well spiced and somewhat sweet. 

While pumpkin pie filling has a texture closer to that of custard. This pie is somewhere between custard and sweet potato casserole in texture. It’s like a brighter, slightly starchier-textured, first cousin of pumpkin pie. Everybody thinks they look alike. But they are also unique.

As far as nutrition, the Pattie LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie has some vitamin A and iron as well as fiber and protein. Nutrition value in pumpkins pies is similar. The downside is that both are loaded with saturated fat. (There are some pumpkin pies out there that somehow avoid having much vitamin A but I don’t know how.)

The Patti LaBelle pie slices beautifully. It’s not runny and not dry.

The pie crust is where this sweet potato pie comes up short. It isn’t the light, flaky crust you’d expect in a homemade or gourmet pie. The texture and flavor ring “grocery-store prebake.” It’s not horrible, but this pie would be amazing in a flakier crust.

But it is still beautiful and the filling is really good if you enjoy that kind of spice. The price is very nice too. So I can live with the crust for now. Our pie will get very well eaten.

And it has.

It was yummy!

NaBloPoMo November 2016


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