Autumn Pleasures

Day 10 of WordPress Writing 201: Poetry gives us sonnets with a prompt of pleasure and use of apostrophes.

I’m trying hard to get these done, and I finished this on my iPad just as we lost out Internet connection which was very frustrating. I lost most of what I wrote because the WordPress app on my iPad mini reverted to an earlier saved version. So I tried to reconstruct this the best I could. (Also the line breaks are all wonky now because I had to do it on my phone. Not sure how to get the line breaks right on the app on my phone. Maybe I can fix it later.)

Autumn Pleasures

My summer sun is fading.

Fear not, the autumn leaves are bright.

Green ones trading, upgrading, then parading.

Find a candle and a hoodie, winds are cool at night.

Grasshopper, still, in my tomato plant.

Do you seek food? Come, let me throw thee over.

Jump to flee me and enchant.

See you later. There’s more to try than clover.

Air of spices, leaves and cider, apples, homemade pies.

Blue and crisp, blows fabric ghosts and skeleton attire.

Hug me, warm me, carve our squash surprise.

Glows and flickers, marshmallow roasts on sticks afire.

Trees nestle roots deep in the still-warm earth.

Our blankets pay their worth.


Copyright 2015 Debora Kapke

Screen Haiku

I signed up for WordPress Writing 201: Poetry. Poetry isn’t my usual forte, but I’m looking forward to trying something new. Mostly I’d wanted to do more with Writing 101 and Blogging 201 that I haven’t finished yet. So Writing 201 may be my penitence. No, it’s not that bad — probably not that bad anyway. It may even be lots of fun, so I’m keeping an open mind. I like the first assignment!

Write a haiku on screens — mostly computer screens but other screens like those in windows are okay too. Sun screen? Security screen? Really, I’m fine with computer or digital device screens so here’s my haiku:

Screen Haiku

It glows and it knows.

It may interrupt your sleep.

Ping ping ping, I look.

Bonus haiku!

Not being much of

A poetry type, I like

Haiku since it’s short.

Is there supposed to be punctuation in haiku? I’ll have to look it up. In the meantime, I’m leaving it in.