Pretty much sums up most of my day

My daughter: “Mom, we’ve been driving so long, I think I forgot how to walk.”

Me: “We’ve been driving so long I think my butt forgot how to not hurt.”

My daughter: [moaning] “I’m carsick.”

But, thankfully, it ended well.  I cannot say the same about all past driving experiences.

Daughter held on to her cookies–literally and figuratively.  She remembered how to walk just fine.

My butt remembered what it was like not to hurt from sitting in the car–it’s still a tad bit sore from a long weekend of fun and activity in contrast to the normal atrophy.  We had a great time.  Thanks Dad!

Aside from a few Simpsons quotes, Dave was quiet–just trying to survive the drive.  He did.  We’re home. We’re happy.


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