Tiramisu Treviso Rooibos Tea by Teavana, a mini review

I don’t know how to get my Steepster reviews to auto post to my blog so I’m doing it semi-analog style by means of copy and paste.

Teavana’s Tiramisu Treviso Rooibos Tea is a full-flavored tea (unless you don’t add enough tea per oz of water or if you don’t steep for long enough at proper temp).

I found the flavor, when hot, to be a bright combination of orange (like orange liquor), almonds (like almond extract or almond liquor) and a bit of cocoa. As it cooled, it tasted something more akin to actual Tiramisu (and therefore coffee). Definitely a dessert experience—especially with a bit of sugar or milk. I can’t help but think that a bit of vanilla and less orange would have pushed it further into the Tiramisu flavor realm. I haven’t had a lot of orange flavored Tiramisu, but perhaps they’re going for a bit of the bitters one might experience with espresso. Yummy as a treat, but not one that I’d want to drink daily.



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