Cleaning through old stuff and I found …

I found I had a box of The Matrix action figures that I’d forgotten about. They’re pretty cool! And I’m trying to figure out if I should take them out of their original packaging and set them up or just leave them for now. I’ll probably leave them for now. I also found my Darth Vader head filled full of original Star Wars action figures. (So THAT’s where I put them.)

I found the onesie my daughter was wearing when she first learned to crawl. It has been so long since she was so small and yet it seems like just yesterday. Sigh. In her case she’d been mobile long before she could crawl by rolling virtually EVERYWHERE. Her only snag was that she would get stuck in corners and that would made her scream. So she didn’t crawl particularly early because she was already fairly mobile via roll power. But I vividly remember her learning to crawl as she had to navigate through a door to get to a bright yellow Tupperware toy. Rolling through doorways was a little tricky too. Ah, the power of necessity. She rocked! (Literally.) And, finally, she crawled. We cheered loudly! Is there anything better for a parent? On the planet? Her crawling quickly transitioned to walking at about 10 months old. Crawling so quickly passé. And low to the floor. All the big people walk! Cute. Smart. Coordinated girl. Getting everywhere possible. Nothing would stop her. Our floodline of child-proof zone moved higher. And I don’t really think that’s ever stopped.

Also found today — our cat’s, perhaps, all time favorite toy. It’s a piece of denim tied to a sturdy string which is then tied to a wee section of fishing pole. Our beefy, handsome kitty is a rescued cat and his original foster family sent him to us with this little toy. He loves it! I handed it to my daughter and said, “here, you might like this. It’s a cat toy.” As she LOVES our kitties. She quickly played. Our cat, Fletcher, played and there was much joy. For Fletcher it was much like finding an old toy from one’s childhood. (That feeling alone is why my Dearth Vader Head full o’ action figures is so … ) Fletchie played and played and played. He’s had more kitten play in him in the past hour than he’s probably had in the past 8+ years combined. (Maybe.) Truly, there’s a look in his eyes like a crazed teen. Oh, to be young.


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