This Right Here

This is why I hate novocain. The numbness up the side of my head. The pins & needles, cold & tingly feeling. The drooling and accidental spurting of tea down my shirt. I would rather all my cavities be drilled without, than put up with this. So, for cavities — no novocain. Really. This has been the way i’ve had it done since I was a kid. I have a hard time with the idea of getting a needle stuck in my gums. Have you ever accidentally poked yourself in the gums with a broken Dorito? Yeah that. Dealing with a few brief moments of pain on my tooth is way better than several hours of this nonsense. Today, however, I have a deeply cracked tooth which necessitates a crown. And for that I will put up with this novocain stuff, but I am not enjoying it one bit.

Did I mention the headaches as it wears off? Yeah, yuck.


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