Clearly Unrealistic

My idea of blogging once a day for a year was clearly unrealistic given that I posted nothing yesterday. See how long that goal lasted? Yeah. So the other option was twice a week, but I think I can do better than that and should go for five days a week. I feel like five days a week will set up more of a habit. And I should try to stretch the goal into a challenge, just not too much of a challenge or there’s no way it will happen. So my goal is going to be like a work week, five days a week, but I get to choose the days and I can get some “vacation time” so that if it’s crazy busy or loved ones have birthdays (like yesterday, happy birthday to my awesome honey) then I can skip it without feeling guilty or like I must make it up the rest of the week. Next up my goal will be to blog about something other than blogging.


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