Away With You!

This is quite possibly the earliest we’ve managed to get our Christmas stuff put away. Previous year our artificial tree seemed in no hurry to take itself down and put itself away. So eventually we just had to force it down — taking the ornaments off by February and then dragging out the tree box an stowing it back in storage. Last year we stowed it in a garbage can instead. Most of its pre-lit lights would not work and we felt it was time to part ways. This year we got a smallish but nice fresh-cut tree. It was a really pretty one. The last pick up for “fresh” trees was on January 8, so we had that tree down by the 7th — day after the Feast of the Magi, the 12th day of Christmas. But we lingered a bit on actually packing up all the other holiday sparkle. So yesterday, instead of starting another project, I actually finished packing up Christmas and putting it into storage. Did I mention it’s still JANUARY and there is no more Christmas stuff our in our home! OK, except for the lights in the kitchen, but those have been there for two years so they don’t really count. I’m just going to call them “decorative” lights and leave it at that. (And it’s probably time to pitch those too.) Go us!


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