Less Here

With condo repairs still ongoing, I’m both getting used to our windowless, pink fluffy walls and feeling more depressed and oppressed. They keep us in the dark — literally and figuratively. The construction organizers almost never tell us the schedule, if there even is one, and when they do it’s generally 72 hours notice.

Some mornings I hear the workers on the other side of the pink fluffiness — probably two feet away from me — as they cut, saw, destroy or build, and they sing and yell in Spanish. All the while I may be half naked and stumbling in the dark to get ready for work. I kind of like the singing, but it’s all very surreal and I wonder if I’m not stuck in a pink cotton candy sequel to Killer Clowns from Outer Space only with less action.

When we originally signed the contract to purchase this place, I choice a floorplan with lots of windows and a sunny exposure —South and East. I liked the overall floorplan for a slightly larger unit better — especially the bathrooms and kitchen. But I once lived in a basement apartment with a northern exposure and I said no more to that. I need my sunlight! My internal clock keeps trying to reset itself so I feel kind of like I’m free-floating, ungrounded.

We’ve had the pink walls for over five weeks. And now scaffolding is going up outside my daughter’s window. These are the only windows currently allowing daylight into our home. Since the workers have not communicated anything to us, we have no idea if or when we’ll lose those windows too. (And no, it’s not really just a matter of asking.)

The nice part of it all is that work is getting done. And we have some lovely restaurants within walking distance. So we are getting outside. Aimless walks are a welcome thing. More outside. Less here.

While we have way less light we’re also going through all our stuff and there is less of that now too. Less space has motivated us. I just wish this place felt less like a basement.


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