Writing 101, Day Three: Three Songs, a Trilogy

My take on assignment three is up. Check it out
The Daily Post Writing 101, Day Three: Three Songs, a Trilogy

The twist is to commit to a writing practice — the frequency and amount of time is up to us, but a minimum of fifteen uninterrupted minutes is recommended. I did that for assignment three — fifteen uninterrupted minutes, amazingly enough. I even tried to keep writing the entire time — keep my fingers moving — and not go back to edit anything as I wrote. Though, I admit to a bit of backspacing for an actual typo or two as I went — that’s practically reflex for me. I use a computer not paper. I let the words flow from a relatively uninterrupted stream of thought. After the fifteen minutes, I went back and edited a few more typos, punctuation, and a word or two. Nothing in the guidelines said we couldn’t do that. But I tried to keep the original stream primarily intact.

Going forward, I’m only going to commit to ten uninterrupted minutes five days a week because that’s a whole lot more likely, so I’m less likely to get frustrated when I can’t do it. I will, however, try for a longer stretch from time to time.


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