Frame of Mind: Cubic

The Daily Prompt for today, July 9, 2014 is Frame of Mind:

If you could paint your current mood onto a canvas, what would that painting look like? What would it depict?

I think I’d need a good sized canvas with gallery-wrapped edges – the kind where you don’t necessarily need a frame and the painting itself is about two inches thick. Maybe it’s even a cube. I am a bit square, and I cram a lot into my schedule. So right now, I could use the extra space. Hmm, does that mean I’m spacey?

I like color and contrast, so I’d hope my mind would come out that way. Parts might be colorful interspersed with simple shades of black, white, and grays. I’m happy and kind of stressed too. I’m afraid there would be sections that would start out making lots of sense – perhaps like the dinner with zucchini that’s on my mind or the craft soap we’re making in the kitchen — but then it’s going to change because there are words and letters popping in. There will probably be some weird parts I can’t quite figure out. Happy parts that look like laughter and love. And I’ll probably have one section that looks like a little pool of goo — that’s me when I’m tired.

Most people, I find, have some unexpected surprises lurking inside. Maybe I will too.


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