Happy Easter, Happy Day to You

Well, happy day-after Easter anyway. Happy Easter Monday! I think I’m still following that plus-1 theme.

If you don’t celebrate Easter then happy Passover or happy day in general to you. Hope it was a nice one. It was nice here.

My daughter had a rather nice Easter I think. While she’s plenty old enough to be leaving the Easter Bunny behind, we rather like the morning surprise of a basket with goodies and hidden easter eggs. It’s fun. Why not keep it up? Her goodies included lots of Peeps (they have lime and orange flavored ones this year), a few Minecraft items, and an iTunes gift card. Minecraft and iTunes aren’t exactly traditional Easter goodies, but she loved these! It works for us.

The Easter Bunnies around here got up very early to perpetrate the fun, so the Easter Bunny got tired a little early. Plus the bunny probably snacked on too many sweets.

We also talk about the meaning of Easter so that we know it’s not just about bunnies and eggs. But there are all sorts of Spring traditions around the world, so I wouldn’t mind covering more of them. It’s a time of renewal.

I gave up Chocolate for Lent, and I guess now that Lend is over I can just eat it any day which will be a bit strange. I mean, naturally, I ate chocolate yesterday for Easter, but I still feel like it’s a good exercise to give up something enjoyed or make a healthy change and stick with it. So often we are ruled by our urges. So I’d like to set a new goal for myself. And I still want to keep chocolate-eating and sweets to reasonable amounts.

There were days I really wanted chocolate during Lent. I stuck to my resolution except twice when I had chocolate by accident.

The first time was after sledding with my daughter. We were near my mom’s house so we came in from sledding and my daughter wanted hot chocolate. It looked really good while making it, and it is the thing to have after sledding. Somehow in my head it just became a sweet, flavored, hot-milk beverage instead of hot CHOCOLATE. So I had accidentally had chocolate. It was only when I was halfway through the cup that my brain kicked in with “hey, it’s Lent, you gave up chocolate for Lent, you’re drinking chocolate!” So instead of having a bit of chocolate on Sunday (which, I guess, is technically not part of Lent so it’s OK to have some), I ate no chocolate that Sunday to make up for my hot transgression on Saturday.

Another time, I had a sip of Dave’s coffee without realizing he’d put Ovaltine — chocolate malt Ovaltine — in his coffee. So I tried to make up for that later too.

By the way, Ovaltine in coffee is actually pretty darn yummy. I add it to coffee myself sometimes (except during Lent).

So I was good except for the chocolatey beverages that I drank by accident. Anytime I was actually tempted to knowingly consciously eat chocolate, I did not.

I ate a good bit of chocolate yesterday since it was Easter, but not an excessive amount. My sweet tooth can’t take quite as much as it could in the past. But I was glad to be able to eat the Black Forest cake that my mom had for Easter dessert yesterday. As full as my tummy was after our Easter meal, I was still able to eat a small slice of the cherry chocolate cake with whipped cream topping, and it was delicious.

Plus there was a peanut butter cup that I’ve had in the fridge since the beginning of Lent. I meant to eat it just about every Sunday during Lent and then didn’t. So that on Monday realize I’d realize — again. And I’d have to wait another week before I could eat it. Fast forward through all of Lent and that peanut butter cup did not get eaten until yesterday. Yes, it was delicious.


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