Autumn Scents: A Fragrance Primer and Glade Fall Limited Edition 2015 Review

Autumn is one of my favorite times of year, in part, because of all the wonderful smells — autumn leaves, crisp clear skies, crackling fires, spices, apple cider, and baked goods (now that it’s not so hot outside that I don’t want to bake inside). It’s also the time of the year when there starts to be enough of a chill in the air that we start closing the windows more often. With no fresh air inside, I want to smell good stuff instead. I like smelling stuff almost as much as I like tasting stuff.

A Fragrance Primer

I usually like natural fragrances from essential oils. I still do — especially for products that will touch my skin. But last year there were several Glade Limited Edition Autumn fragrances that I really enjoyed, and I got sucked in. After years of thinking all Glade products smelled like artificial flowers, I find the Glade of today to be making some good changes. 

Many fragrances have improved, and SC Johnson Wax (the parent company of Glade) now reveals nearly all of their ingredients online on their What’s Inside website. Click here for Glade specific info.

Most companies list things like, “wax, fragrance, liquid dye.” But as of about two years ago you can also look up most of the chemical components of a Glade fragrance itself. Some of it looks pretty scary, but the chemical components of 100% natural essential oils can look just as scary. It appears Glade even uses some natural essential oils in their fragrances.

Essential oils are different from fragrance oils in that essential oils are highly concentrated volatile oils that are either distilled or extracted by the use of a solvent directly from a plant or other natural source. 

SC Johnson claims to be careful about what ingredients go into their products. They want to avoid toxic chemicals and chemicals that may be endocrine disrupters. That’s good. I’m sure there’s still some bad stuff in there, but it’s a huge step in the right direction especially if you have known sensitivities and want to avoid a specific ingredient.

There are some scents that either can’t be made of essential oils or that don’t translate well to essential oils. For example the essential oils of some plants do not smell like the plant it came from. Something changes in the extraction process. I won’t get into the why here, but basically it means that if you want to smell apples you probably can’t make actual apple essential oil, or, if you could, it wouldn’t smell like apples. 
This is where (non-natural) fragrance oils become into play. Scientists identify the chemical components that give apples their smell and make apple fragrance. Those components are often similar to the chemicals that give the real plant its smell, but they made it in a lab instead. Some fragrance oil are a blend of essential oils and other components.

So without further adieu, here’s my take on Glade’s 2015 Fall Limited Edition line of air fresheners, candles, and wax melts. Note, that most of these have been on Clearance at many stores in recent weeks. They are rolling out the 2015 Winter Holiday fragrances. So if you want autumn fragrances you may find them at great prices. But they will soon be gone from stores and exist only in cupboards and in the land of ebay. (I could go on here about stores changing seasonal stuff too early for my liking but that’s another post.)

Glade’s website had some great descriptions of their fragrances so I’ve included those here along with my own comments.

Glade 2015 Fall Limited Edition Fragrances

Apple Tree Picnic

What my nose says:

Apple Tree Picnic really does a good job of smelling like fresh cut apples to me. It’s almost like apples cut up and just starting to bake. There’s a tart, sweet apple scent along with some subtle floral notes. There’s no cinnamon in this one unlike many apple scents, so for people who don’t want the spice it’s a really nice option. My only complaint is that it’s almost so subtle that I can’t smell it some times. I think that’s okay here since it seems more natural that way, and Dave isn’t crazy about strong scents so it slips under the radar nicely. 

What the Glade website said:

Put the tips of your toes to use and reach for the highest apple on the tree alongside hints of orchard blossoms. Meanwhile, notes of royal gala apple and white woods spread out a blanket and lay out all the fixings for the perfect fall picnic.

The Notes as described by Glade:

Notes of meadow grass and wild berry surround you in the tranquil chill of a fall day. Scents of cable knit musk stay close to keep you cozy beneath the autumn sun.

Top note: Golden sun accord, wild berry, meadow grass

Middle: Orchard blossoms, royal gala apple

Base: Cable knit musk, white woods

Fall Antiquing

What my nose says:

I didn’t think Fall Antiquing had the best scent in the store. It was subtle. Plus the name made me think of old stuff which isn’t usually what I want to smell, so I almost passed it by. Reviews on Glade’s website along with their description prompted me to give it a try (especially when it was on clearance). Once I tried it, I loved it. Even the family likes it (which is saying something). It’s like vanilla mixed with soft woody fragrances similar to sandalwood and maybe rosewood. Plus there’s soft coconut mixed in along with really light floral and fruity notes and maybe some leather too. It’s not so strong that it stinks up the place. Just warm and cosy. It makes me feel like I have expensive furniture. Fall Antiquing was only available at Target and was not offered as a spray (only as a candle, wax melts, and plugin scented-oil warmer).

What the Glade website said:

Past meets present when you take a break from the winding road and head inside to peruse forgotten treasures. Notes of sandalwood excitedly point out hidden gems on packed shelves that’d be perfect souvenirs. Later, lily of the valley and jasmine scents help you carry your vintage finds back to the car.

The Notes as described by Glade:

Warm scents of sandalwood send you on a cozy trip down memory lane. Mixed notes of fresh coconut and creamy vanilla leave you excited to examine odds and ends on rosewood shelves.

Top notes: Water fruits, pink grapefruit

Middle notes: Coconut, peach lily of the valley, jasmine

Base notes: Vanilla palm sugar, violet, sandalwood

Hit the Road

What my nose says:

I liked Hit the Road when I smelled the candles in the store. The unlit candle smelled like fresh air and blue sky on an autumn day. At home the warmed wax melts smell good but get a bit strong and cologne-y. It’s okay. I like them a lot when they’re not melted. Warmed and melted, I smell some fresh air and blue sky but also coriander and a guy wearing cologne nearby. I have to be in the right mood for it. The spray air freshener does a somewhat better job of smelling like fresh air again.

What the Glade website said:

Head down an open, winding road with the reviving scent of crisp, fresh air in the passenger’s seat. Notes of autumn bark and blue rose plan routes in the back, while hints of musk ask you to head in the direction with the best views.

The Notes as described by Glade:

Notes of fresh air let the car’s top down, revealing a perfect fall sky that leaves you feeling free and limitless. Hints of frosted herbs and autumn bark create a chill in the air, reviving you.

Top note: Summer sky accord, mandarin, herbs

Middle: Blue rose, petitgrain

Base: Oak musk, applewood musk

Pumpkin Pit Stop

What my nose says:

First off, the name is Pumpkin Pit Stop. I know “pit stop” can mean taking a break or a quick stop at some shop along the highway (which is nice), but it’s also an expression that can be used to describe a bathroom break. I don’t want to smell that. Second, I’m not as crazy about this particular pumpkin-pie-spice-type scent as some others. I loved last year’s Pumpkin Pie Diner. (Dave wasn’t crazy about it, but I liked it a lot. It could get a little strong and sweet if I left it on too long though.) This year’s has something in it that smells a little orangey to me. When I think about it, the orangey smell seems like it would appeal to me — maybe making the pumpkin pie spice lighter and not so heavily sweet. But then I smell it with my actual nose again, and it still smells a little off to me. There’s also an earthy smell, and something that smells a little overcooked. Maybe some fenugreek seed smells too. It’s good and not good and a little weird. I got the candle on clearance because I might use it outside on our balcony. It’s not that bad when lighted — lots of what you would expect from a pumpkin-pie-spice candle, but then there’s a little of that off smell too.

What the Glade website said:

Grab your favorite flannel and head out into the crisp fall air for a pumpkin-picking extravaganza with notes of orchard blossoms and meadow grass. Later, scents of sweet cream frosting and whipped vanilla invite you to warm up in a nearby cottage over a slice of pie.

The Notes as described by Glade:

Meadow grass and hints of wild berry wrap around you in an inviting embrace, while rich notes of whipped vanilla and crystallized caramel remind you there’s always room for another slice of pie.

Top note: Golden sun accord, wild berry, meadow grass

Middle: Orchard blossoms, royal gala apple

Base: Sweet cream frosting, vanilla, caramel

(Additional notes from my nose: I don’t smell apple here. Overall it’s just weird that it’s listed with such similar ingredients to Apple Tree Picnic — the two fragrances smell very different. Also, they don’t list any spices. I smell spices. I’m wondering if Glade didn’t have a mistake on their website.)

Sunset Walk

What my nose says:

To me Sunset Walk smells a lot like a softer version of last year’s Sage and Thyme Market. It’s a pretty good autumn aroma. It’s smells a lot like moss — specifically oakmoss you’re familiar with essential oils and perfume ingredients. There are herbal woodsy aromas. It’s got some piney forest and just a hint of acorn and vanilla too. You might recognize these as similar ingredients to many a mens cologne. It’s easily to imagine an autumn walk through the trees with this too. I like it. But the warmed wax melt gets strong fairly quickly. It fills our tiny condo. Too strong for the family. I might try mixing it with some vanilla wax melts to tone it down a bit. The spray would probably be better (not as strong). The wax is a lovely green color. This scent was only available at Walmart.

What the Glade website said:

Follow scents of aromatic basil on a hike through the leafy trails of a multi-colored forest. The crunching of leaves becomes the soundtrack to your walk, until hints of fall spice and creamy vanilla stop you in your tracks to catch a breathtaking autumn sunset.

The Notes as described by Glade:

Aromatic notes of basil, oregano and parsley take you on a refreshing hike through a rustic forest. Sweet hints of dried cranberry, plum and pear follow closely behind for some serious trail fun.

Top note: Herbs

Middle: Dried fruits

Base: Roasted chestnuts, patchouli, spice, vanilla

And that’s all for now. This is also my post for NaBloPoMo Day 8. (Yay, posted already and it’s not even 8:00 PM here yet.)


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