Tea for Tuesday – Joy 2015 Flavored Tea Blend: a mini review

It is Tuesday so that means it’s tea time. Today, I tried Teavana’s new Limited Edition Joy 2015 Flavored Tea Blend.

This is a much more traditional tea than some of the other’s I’ve had recently. It’s a blend of black tea, jasmine green tea, and oolong along with flavoring. In this case it’s flavored with apricot.

I noticed the apricot flavor in the aroma before I even took a sip of the tea. I could inhale it from the cup and taste it on my lips. It was fruity and playful.

Upon taking a sip, I could taste the apricot as well as the floral of the jasmine along with the blend of teas themselves. It doesn’t taste like an all-fruit herbal or even one of the blends that has very little tea. Looking at the leaves, there is very little of anything but tea leaves here.

The longer I steeped the tea the more I tasted the actual tea and the less I tasted of the apricot. I’d suggest a 3 minute steeping. Longer steeping may get bitter and bring out more astringency. The florals stayed nicely throughout. I think the floral taste is both from the jasmine green and from the oolong which often has a natural floral sweetness to it. I suspect this will last through several steepings but with less apricot flavor the more times you steep.

I noticed some definite caffeine in my cup which is probably from the black and oolong teas. This is one that is probably best drunk earlier in the day.

The tea is a lovely dark amber and didn’t really need any sweetener to taste wonderful. But a little sweetener will bring out more of the fruitiness.

I’m hoping this one goes on sale for the usual Teavana after-Christmas sale. I would stock up a bit.

(Note this is my NaBloPoMo day 10 and Tea for Tuesday. Visit again next Tuesday and every Tuesday in November for more tea reviews.)


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