Notes from the Middle

Here I am having just crossed over the center line of November which is also mid-NaBloPoMo or NaNoWriMo if you’re cranking out words for either of those.

What I’ve learned so far is that I can wedge more writing into my schedule than I might think I can … but not always. And sometimes maybe it’s better not to squeeze so much in. It’s good to push to do more, but I need to be careful not to drop too many balls in the process.

I’m happy I managed to get the living room tidier for the TV repair guy (which I should have done a billion years ago). He could easily get to all parts of the TV. I cleaned a lot of stuff out of the freezer to make room for pies. I delivered my mom’s pies to her, and got to talk for a bit.

I have a lot more to do. 

I dropped the ball on laundry and a few other projects… 

And the more writing I do, the more I question myself. “How can I make it better?” “Was that pointless?”  “Did I just suck the life out of a post by trying to ‘fix’ it?” On top of all that, rushing posts has resulted in more typos. Oops.

I think it’s all a process I have to go through to move forward.  So not all bad and plenty of good.

When I struggle to get closer to a goal I feel accomplishment even if I don’t always reach the goal (and even if my mind really wants to sleep). I like to stretch my brain. (Stretch. And kick. And stretch.) 

Changing my normal schedule and writing pace means I’ll need to readjust a few other things. Working on it! There is some nice scenery in the view from the half way point. 


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