Snowzilla! And sleeping cats.

Our little section of the country just had a blizzard, dubbed Snowzilla, that lasted 36 hours. We had hours and hours of snow and wind then sunshine enough today to make the snow glisten and look BEAUTIFUL. Digging out will take time.

It’s hard to tell exactly how much snow we got since the wind was a-blow’n and made some gargantuan snow drifts. (Is that a car or a snowdrift or both?) But as far as I can tell our area got 25 inches of snow. My mom’s town, an hour away, got 38 inches. That’s just crazy snow. I don’t think I’ve seen quite this much since I lived in a suburb of Chicago back when I was a kid. (I’ve seen close, but …)

No school for the kids tomorrow and no school on Tuesday either. The county rarely (if ever) announces two days, straight up, in a row. No announcement about Wednesday yet.

Metro (our subway and bus system) has been closed since Friday evening. That’s practically unheard of. They need to clean the subway/train tracks as well as more of the roads for the buses. I think they’re hoping to open again Monday, but I’m guessing full service won’t be back until Tuesday? Wednesday? Who knows.

In our humble abode we’re well stocked on food, but I wish I’d shopped for a shovel earlier last week. By the time I tried to buy one there were no shovels to be had. I would have looked sooner and harder if I didn’t think I had a garden shovel in storage. But when I went to fetch the shovel I realized the shovel wasn’t so much a shovel as a flat edger for trimming grass next to a sidewalk. Why do I even have that? It’s not going to move much snow. We’d do better with a large pot or even a cookie sheet.

I ended up using a piece of cardboard (folded slightly origami style) to shovel a section of balcony near our door. I didn’t want too much snow falling back into our home when we opened the door to go out. But I’d really like to shovel off more of the balcony as a whole because there’s a lot of snow. That’s going to melt, and it’s going to have to go somewhere.

This morning, after the snow had stopped, our cat Mojo for the first time EVER in his entire life climbed up onto my lap and went to sleep. He’s never ever done that before in our 15 years of being his family. So much for teaching old dogs (and cats) new tricks. He taught himself.

He climbed up while I had my legs stretched out under a blanket. First he tried to get comfortable on my shins. Then he shifted and found my lap more comfortable (it’s a lot softer). He curled up and finally went to sleep. A total first. I hated to have to move him.

He loves sitting next to us on the couch. But sitting on us has never been his thing. He was a feral cat before we adopted him from an animal rescue group. Terrified of people, we couldn’t even pick him up for YEARS after we got him. So maybe today he felt cold and wanted some extra warmth, but it’s not like it’s never been cold in here before. This was a landmark move for our skittish and brave boy. I’ll be curious to see if he does it again.

Our totally laid back cat Fletcher slept by my feet the entire time. It was kitty heaven.

So today we all watched Interstellar. We haven’t sat as a family and watched a movie often enough recently (except Star Wars but that’s Star Wars so …). Dave had seen Interstellar before, but Sara and I had not. It’s a long movie. But by the end we were all in tears. Then Dave was laughing at all of us for getting so emotional over a movie. But MOVIE! We liked it and would like to watch it again because it glossed over some details that we’d like to catch next time around. It really had to gloss over some of the details because otherwise it would have been, like, a five-hour move. But we liked it. We were all warm on the inside with all the beautiful sparkling snow on the outside. It was nice.



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  1. melindajmoore
    Jan 24, 2016 @ 20:48:40

    I thought I was the only one who had a cat who didn’t like laps. Sounds like you guys got by pretty good during snowzilla. I hear there wasn’t even much in the way of power outages.


  2. alightningbug
    Jan 25, 2016 @ 11:20:28

    Neither of our current cats are really lap cats. Glad to know we’re not the only ones. 🙂 They like us. (I think they like us.) They just don’t do laps. Mojo almost got on my lap again but then he changed his mind. He’s back to plastering himself next to my right hip. (He likes the right hip a lot better than the left hip. He’s picky like that.) Yesterday maybe he thought I was just a warm part of the couch since I had the blanket on my legs. But it’s not as if it was the first time I’ve had the blanket on my legs, so we shall see.

    Our area really did fare pretty well during snowzilla. I’m utterly thankful that we didn’t lose power. The winds blew a lot of snow but we’re never quite strong enough to down any power lines. I don’t know anybody who lost power. That was my biggest fear. It would have been annoying to have zero heat or electronics, but mostly I was worried about pipes freezing if we lost power for an extended time. Our community has had frozen pipe issues even with power, so it’s something we monitor carefully.


  3. Gina Blue
    Jan 26, 2016 @ 12:56:52

    25 inches of snow! You must live east of me. I remember hearing about the impending nor-easter and thinking, “I hope it misses us!” and it did!! I live in Conneaut, OH and we had our mini-blizzard the week before you guys had snowzilla. Anyway, about the cats and your feral Mojo. I have Button’s (the feral mama cat) 2nd litter of three kittens. Two of the three socialized easily, but not so for Pipppi. Last night…for the first time….Pippi curled up next to my left hip and nuzzled into my side. Sounds like Mojo…other than Mojo prefers the right hip, that is. Nor can I pick her up. That’s a definite no-no! Hearing your story gives me hope. Pippi will be 2/yo in March so I’ve got time on my side. I enjoyed your post and am glad things are returning to normal…whatever that may be for you!


  4. alightningbug
    Jan 27, 2016 @ 05:34:21

    Hi Gina, Yes, we’re east (pretty close to Washington DC). I don’t mind some snow. This was impressive snow. But the roads are almost all plowed and the ones that were plowed in only one lane are getting widened. The snow is melting too so that helps. Traffic will probably be a lot worse than usual for the rest of the week though. We lost power for a little while on Monday. But no harm done. I did some work from home and got to spend extra time with the family and the cats.

    Good luck with Buttons and Pippi! Yes, there is hope. It took Mojo quite a while, but today he’s such a different cat from what he was when we first got him. We tried not to push him too much over the years — didn’t want to scare him too much — but a gentle nudge every now and then worked for him. We can pick him up now. He’s not crazy about it but he lets it happen. He loves to cuddle next to us! He’s really cute that way.


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