V-O-T-E, Vote!

Just a reminder, folks, that you should vote today if you are in the USA and registered and haven’t already voted!

Please vote even if you don’t like either major-party candidate. You don’t have to like them. Just vote.

You can vote 3rd party. You can vote via write-in. You can vote for yourself or your favorite high-school teacher. Just vote.

Some of the 3rd-party candidates you might see on the ballot are:

Darrell Castle

Gary Johnson

Evan McMullin

Dr. Jill Stein

And more. But not all of them will be on the ballot in all states.

Some folks say that voting 3rd Party is throwing away your vote. They have virtually zero chance of winning. But if it’s the choice between not voting or voting 3rd party, then V-O-T-E.

The only way to throw away your hard-earned right-to-vote is by not voting at all.

Plus you may have other important options on your ballot like Senate seats, House seats, or other local options. These probably have more impact on your day-to-day life than the President anyway, so vote.

If you are happy to vote for one of the major-party candidates, that’s great. Just be sure to vote!

Good luck to all of us!


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