And an other (NaBloPoMo Skimpy Day 11 and Cats)

Hopefully, I can do some extra writing over the weekend. But Thursday and Friday were days of skimpy writing.

I got good news about one of our kitties. He had stopped eating several weeks ago and was otherwise not well. Blood work from the vet told us his liver enzymes were way off and his pancreas was off too. Feline Triaditis is what the symptoms seemed to be telling us. One liver enzyme in particular is considered high if it’s over 150. His was over 2,000.

He had to take 4 medicines for a while. And when I say he had to take 4 medicines, I don’t mean that he took them voluntarily. He’s a cat. So I mean that we had to give the medicine to him and this was not always easy. One of them involved plopping (or more often shoving) a pill down his throat as he tried to kick me away. Not fun for any of us.

But his bloodwork came back almost all normal today. We can drop the med that’s hard to get him to swallow, so this is a huge plus on many levels. Of the other meds, one he already finished and the other we get to taper off. The last one he will stay on for his Thyroid.

I hope he stays healthy for a good long while.





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