Lost Our Mojo, a Memoriam

We said good bye to our kitty Mojo today. He’d been sick recently. Then he got somewhat better. Then not so great. Today he had a rapid decline, and then he was gone. We’re very sad and will be for a while.

He was a rescued kitty who was our friend for more than 16 years. 

Mojo was afraid of humans for the first few years we welcomed him to our home. He wouldn’t let us pick him up. 

In recent years he was our cuddle bug. He’d plaster himself against our legs when he could. Picking him up rarely bothered him. He even seemed to like it. He loved his kitty strokes and would purr up a storm when we pet him. His paws would knead the air.

He loved playing with toy mice and chasing laser dots. Fletcher (our other kitty) liked to pounce on Mojo while he was playing.

Last winter he slept on my lap a few times. 

For many years the balcony terrified him. This most recent summer he learned to love going out there to bask in the sun or hide out at night. By the end of summer he’d wait by the door for us to let him out. 

More recently he even learned to sit to receive his kitty treats. The expression, “you can’t teach an old dogs new tricks,” did not apply to Mojo in every way possible. 

We will miss him terribly and cherish our memories of him always. 


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