Late Night Run

Pretty sure I should be embarrassed by this late night run to Harris Teeter for cat food. The cats wouldn’t have let us sleep if they didn’t get their food. So I bought their favorite flavors. But what I didn’t need was two flavors of ice cream, a box of frozen fudge bars, and four slices of Edwards frozen pie slices — two packs of two, one of cheese cake and one of key lime pie. 

The cats would have been happier if I’d avoided the frozen food aisle entirely. They’d have had their food a few minutes earlier. At this point, they may be getting lightheaded from eating so late and meowing so hard.

But it’s hot and very humid. I might have called it sultry if it were more interesting. It was just flat and heavy and warm. So I guided my cart to the frozen food section.

Like a sparkling oasis, the ice cream cooler sported dangling reduced-price labels — Breyers and Harris Teeter brands were on sale as were the fudge bars and Edwards frozen pie slices. (I’d never had their cheese cake slices before.) It’s not like we have to eat all of this at once.

And yeah, I should probably just stop making excuses and cut right to embarrassment. I feel a little guilty. I made the check out girl laugh, so that’s good.

I shall now make myself feel better by enjoying a fudge bar. They’re fat free and generally pretty darn yummy.