Ball Game Dragon Upgrade

Yesterday, I didn’t get much writing done. I figure I’m not trying to write seven days a week anyway. Did I specify? Didn’t I say five days a week? That’s more manageable if I didn’t say so before …

Instead of writing yesterday, I got to see a Major League baseball game with my daughter. I can’t say we’re huge baseball fans or sports fans in general for that matter. But it is certainly fun to go to an actual game once in a while.

It was a gorgeous day! While the weather forecast called for possible thunderstorms late in the afternoon, rain missed us entirely. The O’s didn’t win, but we saw them score a point. Yay. Camden yards is a beautiful ball park. We had lovely seats thanks to extra tickets from a nice co-worker. There was food — crabcakes! My daughter ate two and a half along with an entire plateful of fruit and numerous cups of ginger ale and Spirte. Then, cookies and brownies and the peanuts we purchased on our way out.

We left the park shortly before the game actually finished. We’d just about reached the car when my kiddo said, “I have to go to the bathroom.” Parents have been experiencing this, probably, since the beginning of parenthood in general. “Why didn’t you go back at the stadium?” I asked. She said that she didn’t know she had to go then. I’m pretty sure I said the same to my mom more than once. Payback, right? So instead of walking to the car we shot past it and went to the Visitor Center at Inner Harbor. They had a bathroom. It has moodlighting.

Then instead of walking back to the car, since we were already there, we walked around Inner Harbor. There were paddle boats which my daughter absolutely loves. We didn’t rent a paddle boat during the cherry blossom festival this year — the lines are crazy long for that. There was zero line, so I caved and we got a paddle boat. Weren’t we just going to the car?

I paid for a regular paddle boat. They also had dragon paddle boats that look cool, but they’re more expensive, and I figured we can see the green and purple dragons that other people are riding better than the one we’d be in anyway. But they had no regular paddle boats ready. Apparently the ones tied to the dock weren’t ready for people. So they upgraded us. Which was pretty cool. Being a little larger, the dragons are harder to paddle. I got exercise.

Then, we finally drove home. Nice day!