Hey, we had an earthquake. I mean, “HEY, EARTHQUAKE!”

Just making a note of it. It was 07-16-10 and registered a 3.6.

We had one here several years ago. Both times I was sitting on the couch when it hit and both times I thought the cats were doing something like scratching their claws or generally attacking, causing the couch to shake. Our couch is actually a slightly rickety futon and our cats are fairly hefty, so something like this isn’t hard for the cats to do. The difference being, when I got up off the couch to scramble the offending cat (or cats), they were both completely clear of the couch and just looked at me as if to say, “hey, what the heck are you doing oh mighty provider of food?” At which point I just shrugged. It only occurred to me later that, “hey, it’s kind of strange that the couch was shaking itself.” One might have assumed we were haunted or had an earthquake or something.

Clearly, my brain does not readily register earthquakes as the most logical answer to a shaking couch. I was only able to put two and two together a couple of hours later when I read that we’d had an earthquake. I’m partly going to blame this on the fact that it happened really early in the morning and I was not entirely awake yet. Yeah. But it’s also because we just don’t have many earthquakes ’round these parts and there are any number of other things which may cause similar shaking. I feel a little bad for blaming the cats, though. They were probably much more puzzled than I was.