For the Record: A Snail’s Pace

For the record, in honor of NaBloPoMo, I’m trying to post a blog entry for every day in November. I’ve been struggling to keep up regular posts again, so I aim to fix that.

Some of these may be extremely short posts. And many of them will likely be written on my phone. Today’s will be a good example although it’s longer than I though it would be.

In other news, a couple of weeks ago we got several nerite snails for our two fish tanks. We were having some algae overgrowth, and instead of scrubbing the tanks we decided to try a few algae-eating snails. This is by far one of our better fish tank purchases.

Those snails have been busy! In our ten-gallon tank they have scrubbed the decorative bridge clean. After months of sporting greens, browns, and grays, that bridge is practically day-glo it looks so clean. I think the snails even ate some of the paint off. I hope it doesn’t make them sick. They don’t appear to have slowed down any. So far, so good. One has even moved on to the side of the tank, and there’s now a large clean section.

In our smaller kitchen tank there’s hardly any algae left at all. The striped snail scrubbed the rocks, the back of the tank, the sides … It has now moved on to eating and cleaning algae off the leaves of an artificial plant. It’s amazing!

I would really like a larger, omnivorous, air-breathing snail that I could set free in our living room.