WordPress Strangeness

Along with several other strange things about WordPress lately, I updated the WordPress app on my phone, and now it’s creating alternate universes (not actual universes that I know of but …).

It shows two duplicate listings of my blog and any other blogs I’ve signed up for such as Writing 101 or 201. So there are three listings — two impostors and one actual — of alightningbug and each of the others. The list in “My Sites” is huge. The impostor links don’t work (only give error messages when clicked), so I can’t actually use them.

I feel like I’m on Let’s Make a Deal or in this case, it’s wordier cousin, Let’s Make a Blog. Every time I try to visit my blog from the app on my phone (which is often) Monty Hall asks me which of three identical “doors” to click to find the one that works.

If I accidentally click the wrong link then the order of the links will (invisibly) change. If the third one down worked before I can keep clicking that one, and it will work. But if I choose another “door” by accident, and it’s wrong, the order of all of them will change. I’ll have to get lucky to figure out which one works again. Sheesh. I like games, but not this one.

The app is also having problems when trying to sync my drafts.

I’ve tried quitting the app completely and restarting, but it’s not fixing the problem. Maybe I need to delete the app entirely, and download an all-new copy, but I’m worried it will loose some of my settings or the blogs themselves.

Other WordPress stuff I’ve noticed is that there are blogs I’ve Followed that no longer show me as Following. I’ve actually had to re-Followed blogs that I know I already Followed in the past. Weird.

I don’t know if those blogs changed somehow causing me to be dropped as a Follower, or if it was something else. I’m pretty sure my Blog lost a Follower or two also but don’t know if people just unFollowed me or, again, if something else happened.

On top of all that, WordPress works differently from within my desktop browser. The new version is not playing nice with my browser. Some tools don’t show up. Then they do. Then they go away again. The fun never ends.

Anyway, I’m still a big fan of WordPress! But I could do without these latest problems. If anybody has any solutions, feel free to post a comment.

(This post is also for NaBloPoMo, but I’m behind. We’ll see if I can catch up before December bursts in. If you get a bunch of posts from me today and tomorrow, you’ll know why. Hope folks don’t mind. Multiple posts per day may happen from time to time, but will not be a regular thing from me, aLightningbug. I promise. Thank you!)