NaBloPoMo Day 7

Yes, Day 7 I say. It’s still November 7 in mountain or pacific time zone. Arizona? I might be two hours early in parts of Arizona. (I need to look at a map.) In my time zone it might be like November 8th already, but it’s only 2:35 AM or so. Ugh.

Yes, that’s right. I fell alseep and didn’t get my post 7 done. (At least not on November 7 in my own time zone.)

I had a cranky day.

It started with an appointment with Geek Squad to fix our TV. It’s the biggest TV we have, and it hasn’t worked in a while, and we figured it was time to get it fixed. I got up early to clean up a few things in the living room. So that probably started it. I like it when things are clean. I like cleaning up dirt just fine. The clutter? No so much. Getting rid of clutter makes me cranky. But I worked on it nonetheless.

We turned on the TV early in the morning to make sure everything was set up correctly and … WAIT … we turned on the TV.

It worked again!

So after leaving it on for a while and still having it on and working with a picture and everything, we called Geek Squad and told them the TV was working again. We asked if they could tell anything about the, now working, broken-TV and still be able to fix it. They told us they’d have a hard time figuring out the problem of the picture not coming on if the picture was coming on. OK. So we then cancelled / indefinitely rescheduled the appointment.

I took my daughter to a volunteer pumpkin reloading task at a pumpkin patch. This pumpkin patch sold pumpkins for charity and now that Halloween was well-past done, they loaded them back on a truck to donate to an animal park.

It was a drizzly, very October kind of day (even though it’s now November). Which was just fine since they had unloaded the pumpkins to the pumpkin patch on a day that was beautiful full-on sunshine. It was nice to feel not quite so much like summer for pumpkin-reloading.

The rain made the unsold pumpkins look such a deep shade of orange. My daughter wore her bright green Orchestra T-shirt. I told her she probably shouldn’t wear her Orchestra T-shirt to a pumpkin re-loading because if anything happened to the Orchestra T-shirt then she wouldn’t have it when she needed it for Orchestra. But she felt like it would be fine. I was happy I grabbed her bright magenta rain coat as we ran out the door. I let her know I was happy that I grabbed the rain coat. (I think I was already a little cranky at this point.) Later, she would say that she too was happy I grabbed the rain coat.

I ran a couple of errands while she was re-loading pumpkins in the muddy drizzle. Dave sat at home with the TV in a stare-down so see who would last the longest. Dave won.

The TV died again. I called Geek Squad back and told them our TV was NOT working again. Could they come now (hopefully before I need to get my daughter to her dance lesson)?

No. No, they can’t. No appointments scheduled for the same day, thank you. So we rescheduled for another morning this week that is exactly one-day before our extended warranty runs out.

(I’ll add here to that maybe Dave has a history with non-working TVs that might work again. And maybe I didn’t want to see the same thing happen again. I still have hope for this TV. And maybe Dave is having a cranky day too at this point.)

Then I couldn’t find the scissors because my daughter used them and didn’t put them back. Before that, I couldn’t get a coupon to print correctly from some coupon-printing thing on the Internet. (I want that hour+ of my life back.) I found another coupon-printing thing on the Internet, and I got that to print several coupons. I wanted to use some of them while my daughter was at her dance lesson. But no scissors. No time to look either since it’s time to leave for dance.

Then I got gas and the machine ate part of my receipt. I use the receipts to help me keep track of my gas mileage. Thanks machine.

Basically, by now, it’s hard for anybody to do anything around me that is not going to stretch my nerves beyond where my nerves are actually comfortable. I’m pretty sure that officially made me cranky. I’m also pretty sure that my body had already decided days ago that on Saturday I would be cranky. Because that’s how I felt. Sorry world, it’s beyond my control right now.

But the major cranky ended there.

We had a nice chili dinner on this drizzly day. My daughter ate her chili in the last bread bowl, and she loved it. I ate mine with a little bread on the side and some corn chips, and I loved mine.

Then we watched a Harry Potter movie on my iPad mini because we have no working TV in the living room. The temporary TV that we had in there previously was no longer in there. We wanted to keep things simple for the TV repair guy (who didn’t come today). Just the broken TV is now in the living room.

But Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is one of my favorite Harry Potter movies. My daughter activated all the glow sticks she got for Halloween, and we shared them between us. My daughter even made a cat-sized glow-stick necklace and put it on our very patient cat Fletcher. He was, indeed, very patient and left on his glow-stick necklace until it fell off when he ate dinner. He looked glow-y and adorable. I got extra glow-sticks out of the fridge since we had extras. I figured today was a good day for extra glow sticks. We sat side-by-side with Harry Potter and our glow sticks, and all was right in the world.

That’s when I fell asleep and didn’t get my day 7 NaBloPoMo post done on day 7 in my own time zone.

How was your day?


The Very Tiny Post

It is Friday. It was about 80 degrees here today. That’s cray cray. It’s November! We watched Back to the Future II again. We’d have watched it outside on the balcony but then it poured rain so we went inside to watch it and eat dirt cake instead. Then it stopped raining. I’m on a late-night cat food run. Hopefully, everyone will survive the cats’ meows until I get home.

That’s all for NaBloPoMo Day 6  (I need to get other stuff done tonight).