I Need a Hair Cut and a New Header

I really need a hair cut. The prolonged lack thereof means that my hair, down and unbraided, skims the waistband on my pants. This is longer than it’s been in a long time.

If I go someplace for a hair cut, even the Hair Cuttery, it takes time and money. Just think of all the time & money I’ve saved.

We went to Hair Cuttery last weekend and had my daughter’s hair cut. It looks totally adorable on her. It also makes her look like a teenager. She’ll actually be a teen soon and that is scary.

Long hair can be a signature look, but it gets in the way and gets tangled.

I’m not the dreadlocks type, so my hair stays braided most of the time. Part of me wants to keep it long so I can pull off a couple of Princess Leia cinna-buns for the opening of the new Star Wars movie in December. But will I wait that long?

I could really use a new look.

So could my blog. I want a new Header and overall feel. I like the current one with nice colors and art [update with name], but I’m ready for something fresh and clean.

EnchantedSpark just redid their look. Plus WordPress, Hot Off the Press published “What a difference a header makes!” just a couple of days ago. The comments for that linked to an older DailyPost on creating a custom header.

I have no excuse! I’m a graphic designer for cryin’ out loud. I do art stuff. I grow pretty tomatoes. I should be able to nail this.

The race is on! Which will happen first — haircut or new look for my blog?


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  1. melindajmoore
    Aug 23, 2015 @ 15:52:45

    Thanks for the shout out! I definitely like the look of your page, but I think it’s fun to change things up. Change grabs attention. If you do Princess Leia buns, post pics!


  2. alightningbug
    Aug 23, 2015 @ 19:45:48

    Thanks, Melinda! It is fun to change things. I think I’ll take some screen shots of the old look before I go changing things. I will definitely post some pics if I do Princess Leia buns. I may have to do a couple of practice runs on my hair in the coming months … so maybe I’ll even post some photos just for reference too.


  3. Lourdes Mint
    Aug 23, 2015 @ 22:02:05

    When I see REALLY long hair, I always think: fear of change. I’m not saying I’m right, but that’s what I think. I have too many boxes in my basement — fear of change. Anyway, I vote that you cut your own hair tonight. Sounds like you have a huge margin for error and you’re feeling a need to bust a move. Bust it! Someone can fix it tomorrow, if needed.


    • alightningbug
      Aug 24, 2015 @ 07:53:28

      Oh, I know! Right? Because Princess Leia is a prime example of a character who fears change. Every time I see her I think, “that ol’ stick-in-the-mud still has long hair.” That lady who has hair past her butt who volunteered on the orchestra trip and kept all the kids in line? I know her secret, now, don’t I?

      In all seriousness, I’m sure there’s some element of truth in it. I’d have too many boxes in my basement too if I had a basement.

      A short hair cut certainly brought out the fearlessness in Miley Cyrus. I have a fear of wrecking balls too. So that’s another thing to worry about. I’m just afraid of everything.

      Dave cut his own hair on Saturday. He’s really rockin’ a quasi Mohawk/mullet ‘do. He can never seem to get the back right. I’d help him out with that, but I’m kind of enjoying the look right now.

      The hair cut will come …

      But not yesterday and probably not today.


      • Lourdes Mint
        Aug 24, 2015 @ 13:16:12

        Okay, you’re hilarious. You make me want to be an even funnier person than I am (you’d never guess from by blog, but lo, I’m born to slay). But, I know, I know, I know. I did admit, though: I’m aware of my pre(mis?)conception re: long hair. It’s not fair. I’m probably wrong 2-3% of the time. And maybe after all it’s just sour grapes. I always wanted a long luscious mane that I could throw back as I laugh, twirl in my fingers, paint with, wear mermaid-like in lieu of a top, braid and throw out the window hide of the tower where I’m trapped so that boy(s) can climb up and save me (or just, you know, visit), hide things in, maybe trip robbers with. Oh, the list goes on and on. I always say my whole life would’ve been different if I’d had long CURLY hair, but I had this life instead — the kind a person with straight, thin hair has. Not bad, just different. (And — you can ask anyone — I have always wanted Princess Leia buns, but I wouldn’t pair it with that all-white get-up. I’d go for something festive, October-festy festive.)

        But back to hair, the hair I have, I cut my own a lot — and when I do it, with Staples scissors or whatever’s around, I know there’s a bit of release from frustration/a feeling of stagnation/a desire to escape going on. But then. There are worse things I could do.

        What else? Fear of wrecking balls is good — keep that, I’d say. Do the cut when you’re ready. Who’s Dave — is he your-life-specific? Is he connected w/ Miley? (Yes, I’m that out of touch.) Lots of those guys, the old timers anyway, have the mullets still. And that’s fine.

        Sorry, this is all over-the-place — quick-n-dirty. On the go!! Quickly, quickly now, one more thing: I know it’s a cliche, but it really is just hair and will grow back. I’ve always cut, colored, highlighted my own hair. And I’ve let numerous, unqualified others give my hair a go too. It just so happens, I was the very first person on the planet, I’ll bet, w/ a bi-level, which was big in the early 80s. This was ’78. I’ll bet before your time, maybe?? Haven’t explored your blog yet. My best friend at the time, whose middle name came from an uncle imprisoned for white collar crime, offered and I said sure. I have always enjoyed the feeling of just: chop, chop, chop! (I write about it in my “Act Your Age …” post.) And with this short cut, I felt so LIGHT and free, after years of sporting a the same old, limp, perpetually overgrown bob-ish thing. And now, I want it even shorter.

        I always thought one needed fine cat-like features to get away w/ short hair, and that may be true of pixie cuts, but this suits me I think.


      • alightningbug
        Aug 25, 2015 @ 13:37:56


        Just so you know, my hair is long but not “lush.” If I try to flick it, it doesn’t do that attractive bounce thing. It is much more apt to flyaway, get stuck in my lipgloss (if I’ve managed to put any on), or get stuck on an eyebrow and annoy the bejesus out of me because I can’t figure out why I can’t swipe that one annoying hair out of my face.

        This is why it’s usually braided.

        It will need some “enhancement” for properly size Princess Leia buns. That is some serious hair on her. I’m thinking maybe I should use a pair of those Chignon bun foundations or rolled up socks (hair colored socks, I’m not trying to be weird here). Otherwise I’m going to have mini-buns. When I tried to dress as Princess Leia for Halloween as a kid there was a mom who couldn’t identify my tiny little mini-buns and said, “oh look, we have an angel.” Never again.

      • Lourdes Mint
        Aug 26, 2015 @ 15:22:09

        I had all those same problems with my hair when it was longer. It had/has a floaty quality. If I’m going to have stick straight hair, I’d be a little happier with the thick, shiny, heavy — that I can swoosh this way and that like a curtain, hiding an eye every now and then. But no.

        I think you should have no trouble at all finding hair-colored socks. “Hair socks” are also a neat idea. We all know there are very worthy things that you can do with your hair if/when you cut it, but I bet if you were ever in a pinch, you could find a buyer for hair socks. This is probably not a person you’d ever want to get super friendly with, though.

        Braids are great. I will probably braid my daughter’s when she has enough of it. She’s only 15 mos. old, but I can see she might be a long-hair girl, has a lovely round face that I think would be complemented by some length. But as she wishes!

        My “mom” Halloween costumes have been pretty blah I have to say. I was a clown with a rainbow afro, probably a bad idea all around. People looked away. I was Wonder Woman last year, cheap and easy (the outfit, I mean). Might have been OK if I were not completely worn down, as I was then w/ a five-month-old. (I think we ended up w/ a decorative gourd as a jack-o-lantern that year because I was too late for the real thing. [It was white and seemed to require stone-chiseling tools to get into, so I ended up fitting it with a mask and … the rainbow afro wig. I know.] For my son’s first, we used a watermelon for the same reason, but that one was really cute.) I was a witch one time in between. (Snore.) One year, I’m determined to be a yarn-mummy, but that’s a lot of yarn.

  4. Evgenia
    Aug 24, 2015 @ 10:10:13

    I like your blog..it looks creative and in harmony. But changing things up a bit is like a breath of fresh air… maybe you will get reinspired and get new ideas just from looking at your “new” blog 🙂


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