I Need a Hair Cut and a New Header

I really need a hair cut. The prolonged lack thereof means that my hair, down and unbraided, skims the waistband on my pants. This is longer than it’s been in a long time.

If I go someplace for a hair cut, even the Hair Cuttery, it takes time and money. Just think of all the time & money I’ve saved.

We went to Hair Cuttery last weekend and had my daughter’s hair cut. It looks totally adorable on her. It also makes her look like a teenager. She’ll actually be a teen soon and that is scary.

Long hair can be a signature look, but it gets in the way and gets tangled.

I’m not the dreadlocks type, so my hair stays braided most of the time. Part of me wants to keep it long so I can pull off a couple of Princess Leia cinna-buns for the opening of the new Star Wars movie in December. But will I wait that long?

I could really use a new look.

So could my blog. I want a new Header and overall feel. I like the current one with nice colors and art [update with name], but I’m ready for something fresh and clean.

EnchantedSpark just redid their look. Plus WordPress, Hot Off the Press published “What a difference a header makes!” just a couple of days ago. The comments for that linked to an older DailyPost on creating a custom header.

I have no excuse! I’m a graphic designer for cryin’ out loud. I do art stuff. I grow pretty tomatoes. I should be able to nail this.

The race is on! Which will happen first — haircut or new look for my blog?