Freezer Food Friday

I know that doesn’t sound very appetizing, right? Well, darn straight. Because it’s not. And as such, it won’t be a regular thing.

Some frozen food is good. The music department at my daughter’s school sold pies as a fundraiser. Frozen pies. Really quite yummy frozen pies (for frozen pies). So we bought several and so did my mom. No complaints there.

Now that my mom doesn’t live just down the road, I have to wait for a weekend to bring her the three pies that she ordered. So all the pies are in our freezer — her three plus our three. Six pies in our tiny excuse for a freezer. This leaves very little room for all the other food I normally keep in the freezer.

For the past several meals I’ve been eating food that spent the better part of its life in our freezer, and now all that’s left is not-so-great. Ah freezer burn. I should have just tossed a couple of things. I did toss a couple of things, actually. If I couldn’t identify it, out it went.

I ate the stuff that was once really yummy. Some of it wasn’t so great anymore, but by the time thawed and warmed these foods I figured, “it won’t hurt me, right?” I slathered some with barbecue sauce. It helped. But lesson learned. I should clear that sucker out more often.

I look forward to eating our pies — strawberry rhubarb, peachberry, and peanut butter chocolate cream. (Those are three different pies — not three of all one kind of Franken-pie. Except, the peachberry is a little Franken-pie. It has three different kinds of fruit — peaches, cherries, and blueberries. But, um, serious yum!)

Really, I think practically everything tastes better in a pie crust. I should have put all the freezer-burned food in a pie crust. It would have tasted better.

Actually, I should have tossed the freezer-burned stuff and just eaten some pie crust.

Anyway, by the time I helped with pies, cleaned our freezer, and tidied up the living room so the TV repair guy could finally come to check our broken TV (which, thankfully, remained broken enough for him to figure out the problem and order a part) I was too tired to blog anything last night. I thought about writing, “Here it is. My post for today.” And leaving it at that. But I didn’t. This is fine.

If you want to count this post as NaBloPoMo Day 12, feel free. Otherwise it might be my Day 13. Or maybe I’ll have two Day 13s. Or I’ll just put it all in a pie crust. It’s all good.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Damyanti Biswas
    Nov 14, 2015 @ 04:57:43

    Freezer-food. I only resort to them when hard times befall me in terms of writing deadlines :). Hope those pies retain their yum quotient!


    • alightningbug
      Nov 17, 2015 @ 10:19:44

      Me too! I think they flash-freeze these pies, so they’re actually pretty yummy for frozen. Lots of fruit in the fruit pies. We better eat them soon so they don’t get freezer burn. Oh, such a struggle — eating yummy pies. Nothing tastes very good with freezer burn though.


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